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Welcome to Greatest Cape, your Cape Coral community website.
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Dark Matter Ignites

Greatest Cape

I lay in a pool of the universe. The cosmos dance around me in a stellar formation.
In what seems to be eternal darkness, complete silence, and total loneliness.
There are peeks of light, music in the nebulas, and moons to keep you company.

Galaxies welcome you a home. A place to stay on a planet orbiting in its center.
With a warm sun to keep a smile on your face, and constellations that tell you a story.
Shooting stars in an infinite flight, wanting to reach its destination without looking back.

Climbing the dust pillars to get a view of a black hole sucking in old life, to then see the rebirth of anew.
Gliding on the auroras leaving the darkness behind me.
Flying into a radiant supernova that is now me. A bright shining star for everyone to see.

Jen Van Houten

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Should You Believe a 10 Year Old?

Greatest Cape

While we are finding it hard to believe, we know it to be true! Greatest Cape celebrates ten years online in 2017! When we think back over that span of time and reflect on all that we have done, and how much we have grown, even we are pretty astounded! ~ As a a small but dedicated community web presence and BLOG, we have grown our presence to include numerous social channels and groups! It has always been a pleasure to live, work and play in one of Florida's fastest growing communities, and we have so much appreciation and gratitude for the hundreds of businesses and companies that have allowed us to thrive and grow!



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The Witches Promise

Cape Coral News

It was just last week, Friday to be exact. And while a new business launching in Cape Coral isn't anything out of the ordinary, this was not a new business. So, why would a business that wasn't new hold an opening ceremony? Let's just say that the timing had to be perfect. Opening doors for business is, certainly, a cause for some celebration! But, for those who are not aware, the Red Headed Witches is a business that has been growing in Cape Coral for several years. To say that any business trying to find a perfect location faces a challenge would be true! However, where the Red Headed Witches are concerned, they needed to find a fitting home for their very unique costume business! With their most recent move into their location at 1910 Del Prado Boulevard, the Red Headed Witches realized that they had, in fact, found precisely the right home!

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Magnesium Deficiency: Common Ailment of the 21st Century?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Vitamins and minerals keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly. As a mineral, Magnesium is actually involved in more than 300 of our body's regulatory processes! That is to say that magnesium is an integral part of a body's ability to synthesize proteins, helps to control our heart's rhythm and helps to maintain healthy nerve function. Because of the involvement of magnesium in so many integral processes within our bodies, it has been called a 'master mineral'. While the US (RDA) Recommended Daily Allowance is 240-420 mg./day, many healthcare professionals and dieticians have speculated that our actual intake of this mineral should be almost twice that amount! While historically, 'Hypomagnesia' or magnesium deficiency over time has been shown to be responsible for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus type 2, as well as high blood pressure and, even, migraines. Because this deficiency is so common, looking at the reasons why becomes necessary.


Magnesium deficiency can adversely affect your energy levels!


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B.B. King - A Retrospective

SWFL Arts and Entertainment

It's been slightly less than a month since his passing and the world has certainly lost one of greatest guitarists to ever play the Blues. With more than 15 Grammy awards to his credit and a string of accolades that is nothing short of amazing, B.B. King has long been considered one of the Top 100 Guitarists in the world. Because his music and personality touched so many persons, B.B. King will be remembered for many things! While guitar and blues aficionados will certainly remember many of his hits, most of the world will always recall his hit; "The Thrill is Gone". Grammy Hall of Fame Awards are only given to recordings that are at least 25 years old and considered to have 'qualitative or historical significance'. 'The Thrill is Gone' received that honorable designation in 1998.  


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Bitter, Not Sweet

SWFL Green Living

In November of 2014, Floridians went to the polls and nearly 75% of Florida's registered voters made Amendment One - Florida's Water and Land Conservation Initiative a law. The wording of Amendment 1 states; "Funds the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to acquire, restore, improve, and manage conservation lands including wetlands and forests; fish and wildlife habitat; lands protecting water resources and drinking water sources, including the Everglades, and the water quality of rivers, lakes, and streams; beaches and shores; outdoor recreational lands; working farms and ranches; and historic or geologic sites, by dedicating 33 percent of net revenues from the existing excise tax on documents for 20 years."

In light of the successful passage of that amendment, it might seem that the future protection of Florida's natural resources was a foregone conclusion. So, why is there so much controversy surrounding Florida's sugar industry? Clearly, it is because Big Sugar has mounted an attempt to have Florida's legislators do nothing and let the binding contract's term simply expire. Never has an agribusiness giant ever been so bold in their attempts to put profits ahead of people. Sadly, given the high level of corruption within the Florida legislature, so far, they're winning!


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A Little Girl with A Big Heart!


Most of us look forward to that time of year when Girl Scout cookies are available. My mouth waters just looking at a box of Thin Mints! Recently I discovered that very few people (actually) know that the Girl Scouts organization provides cookies to our country's military personnel serving abroad. These donated military boxes come from the average cookie customers like you and I. Some customers are generous enough to buy a box or two for the military while making their own purchase. Once the donations are gathered from all over the US, Girl Scouts of America sends a variety of cookies to those serving our country around the world. Despite a recent shortage of cookies in local warehouses, one 8-year old Brownie Scout developed a plan to address both issues with one solution!



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Once in a Blue Moon..

SWFL Cuisine

It has been proven that human beings are creatures of habit. Having a daily routine is comforting in many ways. Because we are hard-wired to feel comfortable with aspects of our lives that are routine doesn't mean that, occasionally, we shouldn't break free from our conventions! The simple fact is that doing so can lead us to new realizations, awareness and appreciation for something we hadn't previously considered! Whether we plan to be unconventional or, due to circumstance, have to deal with something new, the results can be fantastic. Probably more often than not, our failing to pay attention can result in a disquieting experience! However, this isn't always the case. Once in a blue moon, we stumble upon something really wonderful!


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Medical Marijuana: Will Florida be Ready for 2016?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Heading into the November 2014 election, Florida's medical marijuana proponents felt confident that passage of Amendment #2 was almost a foregone conclusion. While the vast majority of the state's population voted for Amendment #2, the 58% majority that it did receive wasn't enough for passage. It seems that during the term of a previous Florida's governor, an amendment that forced legislation to receive at least a 60% majority for passage was adopted. Given the 2014 failure of Amendment #2 in Florida, medical marijuana's biggest supporters have regrouped and are attempting to address issues associated with objections to the legislation's passage. Given the litany of objections to Amendment No.2, and the determination of Florida's medical marijuana supporters, only one question remains. Can new legislation that satisfies opponents regain the necessary support by election time?


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Small Business Saturday - The Making of a Gimmick

Cape Coral Business

November 29, 2014 marked Small Business Saturday® recently. For anyone who hadn't noticed, Small Business Saturday® is strategically positioned directly in the wake of both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While Thanksgiving is a yearly national holiday, Black Friday is a socio-economically motivated event designed to tug at the purse strings of would be early Christmas shoppers. According to all financial reports in the wake of this year's highly anticipated event, sales projections were far off base and sales on Black Friday were particularly weak!

Because a host of factors are, likely, responsible for the shortage of pre-holiday sales at major retail outlets on Black Friday, perhaps something new working against that anticipated success is a lack of hype and a realization by many Americans that frantic spending on Black Friday is a gimmick! There...I said it. It's a fabricated false sense of urgency that threatens those who dare to not involve themselves with MISSING OUT! I mean, after all, we know; "These specials won't last long", right? 




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