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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:20 PM EDT

Greatest Cape 101

Site Notes

Experience is said to be the best teacher, and few will dispute this. It is also true, however, that having a great teacher is an invaluable asset. SInce launching Greatest Cape, we have been asked a thousand or more times exactly how to perform certain tasks on our website. These requests have prompted our humble operation into action!

We realize that we own the responsibility of better educating our viewers where using our site is concerned. With that duty in mind, we set forth to create a series of instructional videos strictly for the end-user!  We want to share with everyone the quickest and easiest ways to set up their own profiles on Greatest Cape!


By now you might be thinking; I've got a question just like that! If so, we're glad you do! The main reason for our wanting to know your site questions is so that we can create instructional videos about those specific topic questions! But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me backtrack a minute. As requests for assistance within the site became more common, it seemed obvious that we needed to create a 'how to' section for the site. As the scope of those requests grew, we knew that video was going to be the best means for achieving our goal. If you're a regular at Greatest Cape, then you've, likely, noticed that we are using a lot more video these days.


We`ve taken a straightforward approach to our GC 101 tutorial series, starting with the obvious. We knew it was important to make certain that our videos were clear and had a lot of screen shots! Most importantly, though, was to keep them brief. Given our simple criteria, we hope we`re off to a good start. But we REALLY want your help! If you don't tell us, then who will? Of course, we'll try to continue to be creative and thoughtful from the user standpoint, but because Greatest Cape has a lot of functionality, there are a lot of on-site topics we have still yet to cover.


If you happen to be a new to Greatest Cape, check out Creating a User Account, our first tutorial. If you`re already a registered member, take a look at Changing your Theme. Maybe you are ready to start building your Media Gallery? If so, be sure to watch Uploading to your Media Gallery. Start interacting with others and sharing your opinions after watching our forth tutorial; Making a Forum Post. Shortly, we'll post the last of our initial tutorials, Understanding Topics.

In all fairness, we really are just getting started. We promise not to stop adding to our Instructional series. We will only place one video per page. Don't forget that you can watch it over and over again until you feel confident in your own knowledge of that subject. We firmly believe that an educated user is a happy user! We will only hope that you`ll agree! Maybe you`re a seasoned user and already know how to get around Greatest Cape pretty well? Even so, not everyone leans at the same pace! So, check them out anyway! You might just glean a tidbit of information you hadn`t known before. GC 102 is forthcoming, so stay tuned! 


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