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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 04:59 AM EDT

Where Angels Fear to Tread

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Maybe this will be the most difficult article I've ever written. I don't really know if that's true, but it is certainly possible! When facing change in life, all of us must learn to adapt. For the experience to be uncomfortable is probably a fair prediction. However, any resistance to change is certainly in our human nature, as we are all creatures of habit! As the time to make actual change approaches, we know we have to act. For assurance, we resort to, once again, thinking over our motivation in an effort to bolster our confidence in that resolution to change. We remember that; "The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns." *


As reflection is an ultimate repose, only those believing in the value and necessity of their change will, actually, commit to making it.

With respect to re-branding of our beloved community blog, we firmly believe in the value of change. Because Greatest Cape has grown  immensely over ten years, our needs, wants and concerns as a community blog have expanded. As our  vision and perspective have changed, so, too, has our ultimate focus. Changing our name, however, doesn't change our desire to be a community-at-large! Greatest Cape has wanted to expand our reach for some while! But, until we realized the additional need we saw to refocus our purpose, it wasn't something we had considered.

As the creator of this blog, I want to share some personal thoughts I have. No project I’ve even undertaken has challenged me as much as the creation of Greatest Cape and the day-to-day responsibility for its maintenance and growth. But I digress! What Greatest Cape has become is quite far from where we, actually, started! When local businesses, organizations and leaders reached out to us, we had a desire to help serve their needs, as well! ~ The arrangement enriched our following, our diversity and, of course, broadened our purpose!

Having continued to grow for more than a decade in southwest Florida, it had become necessary to re-examine our goals and objectives. The chance to create new goals and, also, to re-invent ourselves became the focus. I think that’s when the real challenge began!

Aside from changes within our community, we knew that changes on the global and technology fronts would be critical to consider in rebuilding. As our ideas poured forth, we saw a unique opportunity to achieve two of our goals. First, we could continue to focus upon building community. Next, we also had a chance to really sharpen our content focus to better serve and provide for that same community!


In choosing to re-brand ourselves, It genuinely appeared we could achieve both goals!


It IS, often, very difficult to close chapters in our lives. But, embracing change does require maturity. At present, our commitment to this new direction is unwavering.

Editor's Note: Very soon, Greatest Cape (as it presently stands) will cease to exist. The pictures, stories and memories will disappear in the abyss of the ether! We invite you to re-visit, print, share or remember your favorite content here in our old home while it’s still standing. We are excited and pleased to welcome in a new site soon! ~ To YOU, our viewers, we have the most gratitude, as you are the reason we exist! ~ Thank you, kindly, for being a part of Greatest Cape - All about Cape Coral!


* - 14th Century proverb (Irish)


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