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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:06 PM EDT

Cape Coral Business Directory 2.0

Cape Coral Business

It wasn't so long ago that when people were looking for businesses, they went straight for the Yellow Pages®. It was specific, fairly comprehensive and local, too! People have always liked being able to find a local business quickly. Sometimes, they knew the name of the business they were seeking. Other times, they might just be seeking a service provider, but not have a specific company in mind. In either case, the Yellow Pages® usually delivered and it didn't cost a cent! Decades ago, directory assistance became an automated, excessively time consuming source of frustration!

"Cape Coral Walmart, please" would too often be replied to with something like; "I think you said 'Aunt Cora's Wallboard', is that correct?

The migration to listing businesses online was neither unexpected nor surprising, but it did leave many business owners with a feeling of uncertainty about their own advertising.


It's 2012 and yellow page-style business directories are still published by numerous companies, all claiming to be "the real Yellow Pages®"! The only problem is that nobody bothers picking them up anymore! Since the advent of the internet, people who commit business advertising to print are dwindling fast! Fortunately for those remaining few, there are still a hearty crop of business owners who will keep spending money for them. The reason for their insistence on supporting a dying breed isn't always based in logic. Fear of the unknown and a lack of familiarity (comfort) with the internet keep these persons from discovering the effectiveness of inbound marketing!

At Greatest Cape, we don't print anything we don't absolutely need. However, like any business, we certainly know the importance of being able to be found! While we didn't offer a online business directory when we launched in 2007,  it wasn't a few months before we began one! People asked us for it! (Really) As we began approaching local businesses about promoting their businesses online, we made another discovery. What we found out was that many businesses didn't have ANY presence on the web! Because of that discovery, we expanded the scope of our Cape Coral Business Directory, so we could help those businesses build a basic website. We developed something we call an Expanded Business Directory listing. All of these developments proved to be good ideas, and we continued to grow.

After adding categories to our directory, we took a break to reflect on what we had constructed. We liked the concept, but knew it needed something more. We wanted to afford our clients a greater presence, while improving their own ability to be found! We saw the growing prevalence of other social media sites, and wanted to be able to allow our clients to promote their own social media pages, as well as their primary web presence. We also knew that incorporating a company's logo is of paramount importance in building brand recognition. Last, we knew that many of our clients had slogans, mottos or other copy that they traditionally used to promote their business. We wanted to be able to incorporate that copy to improve the comprehensiveness of each business listing. After several attempts we didn't like, our resident code warrior delivered a prototype we REALLY liked and incorporated all of the features we wanted!

A few weeks ago, we began the lengthy process of converting our old business directory listings to our new framework. While it took a little longer than we anticipated, we are really pleased with the look, feel and overall functionality of the final product!  Another aspect of the process we could not have anticipated was the response that we would receive! When businesses from all around southwest Florida began inquiring about getting their own listing, we knew we had hit upon a formula for success! Many of our own businesses called us requesting to pay for an upgrade for their listings unaware that, while we radically changed our approach and listing style, we did not raise our listing prices!

We invite you to take a look at our new, improved Cape Coral Business Directory. At the same time, we want to invite you to look forward to our launch of Greatest Cape's Fort Myers Business Directory ! Because so many Ft. Myers businesses are a part of our southwest Florida lifestyle, it seems only fitting to construct an effective parallel to what we've already created for Cape Coral. If we haven't made it to your business yet, feel free to reach out to us and we will look forward to helping your business get newly found!



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I'm pleased to announce that the Fort Myers Business Directory set-up has been completed!

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