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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:11 PM EDT

Once in a Blue Moon..

SWFL Cuisine

It has been proven that human beings are creatures of habit. Having a daily routine is comforting in many ways. Because we are hard-wired to feel comfortable with aspects of our lives that are routine doesn't mean that, occasionally, we shouldn't break free from our conventions! The simple fact is that doing so can lead us to new realizations, awareness and appreciation for something we hadn't previously considered! Whether we plan to be unconventional or, due to circumstance, have to deal with something new, the results can be fantastic. Probably more often than not, our failing to pay attention can result in a disquieting experience! However, this isn't always the case. Once in a blue moon, we stumble upon something really wonderful!


In the middle of a discussion the other evening, I realized my hunger was reminding me that I had postponed dinner! A quick glance along the road I was traveling provided me an option with which I was unfamiliar. At feeling more hungry than picky, the decision to stop and get dinner was made. Once inside this establishment, our discussion resumed in more comfortable surroundings. Only when the need to order arose did the recognition of something being unusual also become apparent.


We had stopped at a newer restaurant by the name of Blue Moon Pizza.The friendly and welcoming demeanor of the hostess and wait staff was a breath of fresh air. As my guest and I perused their menu, we found the selection of meal choices quite varied. As I looked up, I noticed this place had a full bar and lovely interior seating and accommodations. In fact, it was quite a departure from what I have come to know in my southwest Florida pizza restaurant dining! ~


When our pizza arrived piping hot, we proceeded to dine on what could only be described as a carefully crafted work of art that also happened to be amazingly tasty! Throughout our meal, our server was attentive, friendly, supportive and didn't seem to have an objection to any of our whims. As we finished and both commented on how very satisfying our meal had been, our server (who didn't need to be prompted) had already arrived and left containers for our remainder.

As we readied to leave, I noticed that the closing hour for the establishment had come and gone. If I hadn't noticed the hours prominently displayed upon their entrance, I wouldn't have realized. Not only were the staff more concerned with our experience than closing their doors, the manager of the restaurant also stopped by our booth and asked about our experience. His concern was obviously genuine, as he took time to smile, laugh and even share about the restaurant's history! He explained that they had only opened recently and that they were based in Atlanta, Georgia. When I took the time to visit their web site, I discovered they had several locations there. In fact, this was their premier location to open outside of that market.


In hindsight, each and every aspect of the Blue Moon Pizza dining experience was outstanding! Should you be in the Ft. Myers area for lunch or dinner, Blue Moon Pizza deserves your attention. Once you're there, my belief is that the staff will proceed to earn your business as a customer. In fact, I have no doubts as to that! Above everything, the love that the restaurant and their staff exudes speaks volumes about their commitment to success!

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