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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 03:39 AM EDT

Business Blogging: Best Practices - Part Two

Cape Coral Business

It is important for today's smaller businesses to face the necessity of maintaining a strong internet and social presence, as doing so provides the best avenue for helping build a brand's sub-culture. Building a compelling web presence is no small task! You've probably been told a few times already! "That new web site looks great and you should be proud!" This one uses current technologies and looks, feels and (hopefully) performs exactly the way you intended. That is great! Now, how are you planning to drive traffic there? Have you thought about the best places to cultivate that traffic? Of course, this new site is linked to your Facebook® page, right? But what links to your new website? Does anything?

While having a clear vision is essential in establishing your brand's subculture, so, too, is understanding your customer and becoming able to anticipate their needs.


If your business is a part of online Cape Coral or Fort Myers Business directories like ours, you're on your way. Quality business directory listings will include multiple outbound links to your other social channels. Ours connect our clients listings to their own social streams from Facebook® and Twitter®, as well as to a Mapquest® or Google® Place listing (when possible).  

  1. Understand branding - Have a professional logo - Have a clear vision!
  2. Generate quality inbound traffic to your website. Avoid the 'Field of Dreams' mentality.
  3. Understand your customer. Anticipate their needs.
  4. Build a relationship, don't make a sale. Always deliver!
  5. Learn to post like an Expert by watching / following / imitating others successes
  6. Be consistent, be relevant, be grateful to share!

Digital coupons are cool! Printed coupon books ( as in bimonthly coupon and trash mail offerings) are…well, highly ineffective! More and more businesses are utilizing QR codes to provide instantaneous information for users of smart phones, tablets and other wi-fi capable media devices. Their strongest suite is their ability to bring your customers online with your business! You can provide smart phone or email-based coupons for your opt-in clientele. Companies that have embraced these newer technologies, where they are applicable, can attest to their effectiveness in building their own lists of followers.  

Wildfire®, Agora Post®, Hubspot® and Main Street Hub® are several examples of companies who either manage a company's social media channels or, more simply, provide those toolsets for management of content channels and outlets for their more experienced users. CRM software is evolving fast and is affordable and quite helpful. However, teams at Wildfire or any of the aforementioned firms can construct and orchestrate a fantastic social media presence, if you've got the kind of business that requires the assistance of professionals to operate your social presences and the deep pockets required to fund that type of a marketing campaign.

When seeking to understand your own brand's followers, you can test post and track your performance variations in your web site's analytics. Learning what works and doesn't work is all a part of that process, but you need to commit to some established consistency. 'Never' and 'all the time' are not acceptable options, so decide what is realistic for you and stick to it! If you agreed to care for a friend's pet while they were away, you would, of course, check on them daily to assure their wellness. Stopping through with unpredictable regularity would, most likely, result in catastrophe! Care and feeding of a your brand's subculture isn't any different!

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