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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:18 PM EDT

Should You Believe a 10 Year Old?

Greatest Cape

While we are finding it hard to believe, we know it to be true! Greatest Cape celebrates ten years online in 2017! When we think back over that span of time and reflect on all that we have done, and how much we have grown, even we are pretty astounded! ~ As a a small but dedicated community web presence and BLOG, we have grown our presence to include numerous social channels and groups! It has always been a pleasure to live, work and play in one of Florida's fastest growing communities, and we have so much appreciation and gratitude for the hundreds of businesses and companies that have allowed us to thrive and grow!



Some of our milestones include our site's growth! When we initially launched in 2007, we had a site which featured various images we collected from around our area and built into a header that used a 'venetian blinds' style transition between the pictures. One featured the Cape Coral Gateway Arch, another was a kayaker in Four Mile Ecological Park, another was of a swimming pool home in the southwest Cape, another shot was the beach at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. We were proud to have received a lot of positive comments about it!

As the number of members on our site grew, the variety of content also expanded! We added several new topics for articles, including SWFL Arts & Entertainment, SWFL Cuisine, SWFL Health & Well-Being, and 'Paradise Pondering' was an editorial column we began. Our Cape Coral and SWFL Events calendar has always been a driver of traffic to our humble presence, so we decided to expand it!

As our area of the country has a rich ethnic diversity, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible, so we updated our stock translators to those of Google®, whose were more exhaustive than our own! We have never stopped changing! In fact, change has been a constant at Greatest Cape. Our original news source was the Fort Myers News-Press®. The stories they provided were adequate, but offered only limited local 'arts & culture' coverage. Another problem was that their RSS feeds would break with consistency! After these issues, we chose to make a break and added local news coverage from our present provider, Florida Weekly. Put simply, they rock!

We've never given up our NPR® Top Stories or our direct partnership with Cape Coral Weather®, hence both have been with us all along! We did add member resource video tutorials and, for about 2 years, we ran a Friday SWFL Events video called 'The Greatest Cape Events Rundown'. While it was a lot of fun to produce, streaming and server issues made us decide it was a feature we would discontinue. Our Stock Market ticker and indices overview widget, as well as our SWFL Gas Buddy were additions we chose to keep! The YouTube Video of the Week and out Greatest Cape 101 tutorials were additions that we knew would bring more people into our site and have also lasted.

Over ten years, Greatest Cape's membership has grown to thousands! During that time have completely rebuilt our site twice and our Business Directory thrice! As our anniversary approached, we knew that, once again, we wanted to rebuild. After talking with clients, supporters and a least a few friends, we knew that with all of the changes we wanted to make, we were facing more than just a rebuild of our site or a revision of our content. What became apparent was that our scope, focus and direction ALL would require significant and substantive changes! With what we were facing, many people asked us if we would close or, perhaps, sell our business. That experience, in conjunction with our feedback, signaled the need to adjust our vision. We have enjoyed growing Greatest Cape as a brand in our Southwest Florida home! ~ We are genuinely excited about what our future holds. Very soon, we'll share that new vision!

Until then, we want to say 'Thank You' for being a part of the Greatest Cape community! ~ Our members, our clients and our community mean EVERYTHING to GREATEST CAPE! Plus, we think you're REALLY going to appreciate our changes and new direction! ~ So, with love and the eyes of a ten-year old, we look 'Forward On' to the future!

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