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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 05:22 AM EDT

A Little Girl with A Big Heart!


Most of us look forward to that time of year when Girl Scout cookies are available. My mouth waters just looking at a box of Thin Mints! Recently I discovered that very few people (actually) know that the Girl Scouts organization provides cookies to our country's military personnel serving abroad. These donated military boxes come from the average cookie customers like you and I. Some customers are generous enough to buy a box or two for the military while making their own purchase. Once the donations are gathered from all over the US, Girl Scouts of America sends a variety of cookies to those serving our country around the world. Despite a recent shortage of cookies in local warehouses, one 8-year old Brownie Scout developed a plan to address both issues with one solution!



Due to southwest Florida warehouses having difficulty getting restocked in a timely fashion, local Girl Scout troops have (likewise) experienced difficulty meeting the goals they have made for themselves, much less exceeding them! One 8-year old Brownie Scout from Cape Coral, Florida has decided that a cookie shortage is not going to stop her! Over a couple of days, she set up her cookie booth outside of a local grocery store selling only cookies for the military and she sold more than 100 boxes! What she realized when talking to her customers was that not enough people know about the “Cookies For The Military” program. She believes that they should know! She, also, gained a sense of accomplishment knowing that cookies she worked so hard to sell are going to our brave soldiers. “They deserve it!", she says.

So, now, this same 8-year old Brownie Scout has created a new goal for herself. She (alone) wants to sell one thousand boxes of cookies to be sent to the military! As the Girl Scout cookie season ends March 29th, her work is, certainly, cut out for her. She has dedicated her time to be out in front of various local stores until that date.

If each person bought just one box.....that would be soooo many cookies we could send! 


All “Cookies For The Military” purchases help Girl Scouts, help the military, and are tax deductible donations, as well!



If you would like to help, you can purchase/donate boxes by visiting her cookie website

Or, if you are local to Southwest Florida, purchases/donations may be made in person by contacting her mother

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