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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 03:31 AM EDT

Tenacity in Fast Company


Dennis Trebing arrives early for work. His days working full-time with his family's business, Trebing Tile, often keeps him late. But Dennis says that working is his reality and it helps him to stay grounded. Perhaps more than most of us, the not yet 23-year old young man needs to feel that in his life, he says. What makes Mr. Dennis Trebing different is that his career pusuit is going fast. In fact, extremely fast would be more succinct! I had the opportunity to sit down with Dennis one morning this week and his time was limited. He let me know that after finishing his work, he still had to pack and catch a plane. Flying overseas to compete in the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race is something very few persons will ever have a chance to experience. But for Dennis Trebing, it's simply another opportunity on his road to success!

 Image courtesy: Sportscar Info

It has been years since his earliest days racing and winning in both Junior and Senior TAG carts, but it was where he became immersed in racing! Since those earliest days, Dennis Trebing has since gone on to, as well, become the Skip Barber Southern Race Champion, IMA Club Endurance Regional Champion and Senior TAG Champion to name a few of his earlier racing accolades. These were his training grounds along with his many victories and podium finishes. Dennis Trebing proved he possessed not only the meddle, but, more importantly, the skill and maturity to be a respected professional race car driver.


Professional auto racing is my passion, says Dennis. It requires a great deal of dedication as well as mental and physical stamina to compete at this level.


Last year, Dennis took home a win along with repeated visits to the podium, not to mention three fastest race laps! The European and American racing teams, alike, certainly know exactly who he is and, also, what he is quite capable of accomplishing!

As Dennis takes the wheel of a Porsche 997 Cup car June 21, he'll be comnpeting with 20 others in the SP7 class and part of Teichmann Racing's team competing in one of Europe's most respected competitions; The ADAC Zurich 24-hour race at Nürburgring. To make his mark and prove his abilities in endurance racing, Dennis is excited to have this opportunity!

Southwest Floridians will be watching this race live online and with more than 200 cars slated to compete, they can expect to find some truly exciting race action! Given his dedication to success, no one should be too surprised to see Dennis Trebing atop the podium when the SP7 class winners are announced!

Southwest Florida's racing fans can enjoy the competition online at:








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