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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:10 PM EDT

The Witches Promise

Cape Coral News

It was just last week, Friday to be exact. And while a new business launching in Cape Coral isn't anything out of the ordinary, this was not a new business. So, why would a business that wasn't new hold an opening ceremony? Let's just say that the timing had to be perfect. Opening doors for business is, certainly, a cause for some celebration! But, for those who are not aware, the Red Headed Witches is a business that has been growing in Cape Coral for several years. To say that any business trying to find a perfect location faces a challenge would be true! However, where the Red Headed Witches are concerned, they needed to find a fitting home for their very unique costume business! With their most recent move into their location at 1910 Del Prado Boulevard, the Red Headed Witches realized that they had, in fact, found precisely the right home!

As new members to the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, a ribbon-cutting (or slashing, as in this case) is a part of what a new business can expect. Often these ribbon cutting ceremonies are held in the morning. This was not one of those! In fact, if the truth be told, it was after 5:00 PM and this 'ribbon-slashing' much more closely resembled a great party! 



The Red Headed Witches don't throw a bad party, and this was no exception. Aside from the strong turnout, there were great people, cool costumes and wonderful goodies to eat and drink, all with a spooky and eerie twist, courtesy of the witches. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and if you were paying attention, there was a buzz in the air! Everyone was talking about a forthcoming party..well, to die for!

Being fortunate to hear the rumor, I had to confirm what I had overheard. Crissy and Jenn, the talented and creative proprietors of the Red Headed Witches, let me know that it was ALL TRUE! A party unlike anything that Cape Coral has ever seen is coming and it's going to be a ball...literally! And while I'm not hear to talk about that, I can't help but want to mention it, as it's a party that I wouldn't miss! It's a Red Headed Witches Monster Ball and it's going to be massive fun! It's also a way to make new friends and to help a fantastic cause! As I understand, these ladies are trying to buy this new and perfect home to secure their business' prime location! If you can make it to the Monster Ball, you can help out, too! ( ..not to mention have a great time.)

So, we thought it was pretty important to share the good news! First and foremost, the Red Headed Witches have found their new home and it's official! ~ With a little bit of help from our community, it can be a permanent one for Cape Coral's premier costume shop!

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