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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 05:14 AM EDT
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Greatest Cape Events Rundown

Site NotesVisitors to our site have long been able to access our SWFL and Cape Coral Events Calendar. Residents and visitors alike typically find our calendar quite helpful in planning activities. Greatest Cape lists thousands of annual events in our calendar! With hundreds of new events being created each year, we try to add as many as possible. It is our genuine commitment to providing our site's visitors with the most varied, creative, affordable and entertaining events we can find. In keeping with our objective is to provide the best and most comprehensive calendar possible, we've decided to make a small change. Each week, we will publish a video overview of the coming weekend's events. We hope it makes finding something fun to do a little more enjoyable!

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Small Business Tribute a Success

Cape Coral NewsOn Wednesday of this week, the City of Cape Coral, along with the Small Business Development Center at FGCU, and the Chamber of Commerce put on an event celebrating small business ownership in Cape Coral. Appropriately designated "A Tribute to Small Business", the event took place at the Cape Coral Yacht Club and the turnout was greater than anticipated as a standing-room-only crowd enjoyed the festivities and feasted on food supplied by local restaurants.

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Seafood Choice is the Heart of Marine Stewardship

SWFL Health and Well-BeingIn southwest Florida, a constant supply of local seafood can be found on the menus of fine restaurants. Visitors to our area enjoy the bounty of local seafood, but local patrons also consume a large portion. From Gulf Shrimp and Red Snapper to Stone Crab and Grouper. These are just a few of the delicious varieties from our local waters.

Because sport fishing is a major tourism draw for southwest Florida, local fishing captains are more aware than the general public as to how overfished many local species have become. They must be instrumental in encouraging marine stewardship to their patrons, while working to better educate the public as to the importance of those practices in relation to sustaining their own fishing industry. By assuring our seafood purchases are 'fish caught or farmed using environmentally-friendly practices', each of us can make a significant difference in encouraging worldwide support for healthy and abundant oceans.

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Renewable Energy is America's Future

SWFL Green LivingOur country has a serious need for reliable, renewable, energy resources. Our past and present reliance upon fossil fuels, as well as the damage that their use has caused the environment, have made the rapid development and implementation of these newer technologies of paramount importance. As more and more nations attempt to project their own future power requirements, many have opted to invest huge sums of money in research and development of renewable energy. If America wishes to continue as a globally dominant economy, will need to embrace the opportunities that these future needs for power have created.

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2011 - The State of Inbound Marketing

Cape Coral BusinessWith the closing of tourist season, many southwest Floridians are already anticipating the arrival of next year. With the local economic outlook improving, many businesses are planning for an increase in next year's marketing budgets. Based upon recently published statistical trends, businesses are finding traditional advertising channels less effective than ever before. A recent poll found that 86% of all TV viewers skip television commercials! Results from the same poll found that 44% of all direct mail is never examined. The strongest finding of the poll may have been that these numbers are increasing! Clearly, the small business owner can no longer rely solely upon advertising to fuel their own business growth.

Image Courtesy: Silicon Cloud
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Kayak Adventures

Cape Coral RecreationBeginning in October of each year, the Kayak Outpost at Four Mile Cove / Ecological Park opens their doors for business. While the weather is still a bit cooler, adventurous weekend kayak enthusiasts make their way onto the waters of the Caloosahatchee River. By the month of May, Spring brings warmer waters, thicker underbrush and full-time staff to the Kayak Outpost, but no lack of interest or enthusiasm for a great SWFL adventure that continues to flourish.

Image Courtesy: Conservancy of Southwest Florida
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Orange Julius

SWFL CuisineWho doesn't love an ice cold, frothy, and refreshing Orange Julius? But, have you priced one of these lately? The cost is outrageous! For a large size, it runs almost $5.00! That's why I created this simple yet delicious recipe for homemade Orange Julius. Now, I can enjoy this yummy treat without breaking the bank.

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Why Should I Buy Organic?

SWFL Health and Well-BeingMany of today's larger grocery chains have also become one-stop, super stores. These new mega-stores often have clothing, electronics, and even auto repair centers, as well as groceries. While the quality of all of their grocery offerings may not be superior, they buy their products in bulk and can, typically, sell them less expensively then smaller grocery stores. When it comes to produce, their story is the same. However, a new organic produce has made it's way into grocery stores. While grocery stores will continue to profit by selling what their customers want to buy, corporate farmers may find a dwindling marketplace in their future as "local" and "organic" are quickly becoming the preferred produce.

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Unpluging from the Matrix

Paradise PonderingEverywhere you look, media is commanding your attention. So, why do we allow ourselves to be inundated by the advertising and marketing that comes with our overly electronic lifestyles? Most persons will say that they can just turn it off. Even when we actually do, each of us is still influenced by the constant barrage of messages we see and hear. We use it to help us define our own reality.

As individuals, we all have free will. However, since indecision is frowned upon, we become more intent on asserting ourselves, even in our ignorance! Presumably, the first requirement for questioning our reality is believing that, in fact, it needs questioning. So, are we all being deceived? In a word, 'Yes'!

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SFWMD Issues New Water Restrictions

SWFL NewsOfficials at the South Florida Water Management District declared a water shortage last week for an area that includes 13 counties. While water shortages during this time of the year are not unusual, this one affects more than seven million central and south Florida residents.

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