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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 02:43 AM EDT
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Online News Popularity Exceeds Print

SWFL NewsIt was a foregone conclusion that the day would arrive. Given the social norms of the present, it really shouldn't be so surprising. However, now that it has been declared fact, it's also fair to say the trend isn't likely to ever reverse.

At the end of 2010, more Americans were getting their news from online sources than from newspapers. What might come as somewhat of a surprise is the fact that a greater percentage of advertising dollars are going online, as well.

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'The Mangrove Gathering' - SWFL's Eco Cafe

SWFL Green Living

The Mangrove Gathering Eco Cafe is a southwest Florida meeting with a history. It is a place for persons who are earth-conscious to gather and exchange ideas. What makes the Eco Cafe something special is, perhaps, the ever-changing landscape providing the pathway for the growth and recognition of it's own importance.

Described as "a place to socialize", John Kiseda, a Sustainability - Education Coordinator with Lee County Parks and Recreation, would describe it as being more than just that. "It combines both entertainment and educational displays, organizations, as well as current information on SWFL environmental happenings"

Image courtesy: Lee County Parks and Recreation

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Cape Coral's Evaluation & Appraisal Report

Cape Coral News2011 marks the year that Cape Coral will be reviewing the city's Comprehensive Plan. The review process, which is required by the State of Florida, is referred to as an Evaluation and Appraisal. Although the actual review is a two-step process, the initial phase of the review involves gathering feedback from Cape Coral citizens in an effort to draft an effective plan to encourage growth and improve living conditions. This Friday marks the final in a series of three workshops designed to collect input from local citizens

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Greatest Cape Nominated for Chrysalis Award

Cape Coral BusinessIt is with great honor that we wish to inform members and visitors to our site of a development. It has been brought to our attention that one of our members wanted to see us recognized for our contribution. Feeling so very honored and pleased at the same time, we wanted to share the news! It is with great enthusiasm that we wish to announce the nomination of Greatest Cape for the Celebration of Business and Tourism's 2011 CHRYSALIS AWARD in the Business Development category.

Image Courtesy - Lee County Visitors and Conventions Bureau
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Online Security - Part Three: Online Scams and Predators

Cape Coral Web TechnologyWhen it comes to modern day scams and predatory practices, the internet has become a 21st century playground for that type of activity. Almost everyone who is online has seen them in one form or another. Unfortunately, an amazing number of people have also become the victims of one or more of these scams, and that number grows daily.

With the prevalence of these scams, the most effective defense a person can have is the knowledge of what these scams are, where they can be found and, also, what to do to avoid them.

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Deion Sanders Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame

SWFL NewsIt is perfectly understandable that Deion Sanders has been inducted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. You aren't likely to find anyone who would say that they were surprised. Given the brilliant career of this former North Fort Myers High School graduate and repeat Pro Bowler, most persons would simply say that his nomination and induction were more than justified. Perhaps 'fitting' would be a better description?

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Top 10 Reasons Against Blogging

Paradise Pondering

A brand new year is already upon us! Most Americans are hopeful that this year will provide new opportunities for themselves and their families. As a nation, we are hopeful as our economy finally begins to show signs of recovery. 

Maybe this will be the year you finally get online and start building a new presence for yourself or your business? All the kids do the social media thing now, right? Your kids would probably help you along! But....let's get real! You and I both know that's not very likely to (actually) happen..or is it?

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Herb Mayonnaise

SWFL CuisineIf you're looking for a tasty way to dress up almost any dish, try this recipe. My family loves this spread in place of plain mayonnaise on their favorite sandwiches. It is easy to make and store, and it has a great fresh taste!

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Welcome to Green Living!

SWFL Green LivingSince the advent of Earth Day, there have been unprecedented global efforts to bring attention to the plight of our earth's natural resources. Concerns over global warming and the attention that has been called to its effects have been a catalyst for the growth of interest in conservation efforts.

In our own effort to share valuable and worthwhile resources associated with conservation, we have created this new article topic. It is our sincere hope that doing so will allow us to better educate both ourselves and our readers as to what are practical steps in a more environmentally friendly approach to living.

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Rhythm In Motion Celebrates a Birthday

SWFL Arts and EntertainmentThe one thing that Greg Kurth and Michaela Poole of Cape Coral's Rhythm In Motion Dance Academy can tell you is that success doesn't stand still. It never has for the two of them anyway. As partners in a thriving dance studio, they know the importance of staying in step, as well as learning new things. Most importantly, they've been willing and able to grow.

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