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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:16 PM EDT
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Small Business Saturday - The Making of a Gimmick

Cape Coral Business

November 29, 2014 marked Small Business Saturday® recently. For anyone who hadn't noticed, Small Business Saturday® is strategically positioned directly in the wake of both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While Thanksgiving is a yearly national holiday, Black Friday is a socio-economically motivated event designed to tug at the purse strings of would be early Christmas shoppers. According to all financial reports in the wake of this year's highly anticipated event, sales projections were far off base and sales on Black Friday were particularly weak!

Because a host of factors are, likely, responsible for the shortage of pre-holiday sales at major retail outlets on Black Friday, perhaps something new working against that anticipated success is a lack of hype and a realization by many Americans that frantic spending on Black Friday is a gimmick! There...I said it. It's a fabricated false sense of urgency that threatens those who dare to not involve themselves with MISSING OUT! I mean, after all, we know; "These specials won't last long", right? 




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Tenacity in Fast Company


Dennis Trebing arrives early for work. His days working full-time with his family's business, Trebing Tile, often keeps him late. But Dennis says that working is his reality and it helps him to stay grounded. Perhaps more than most of us, the not yet 23-year old young man needs to feel that in his life, he says. What makes Mr. Dennis Trebing different is that his career pusuit is going fast. In fact, extremely fast would be more succinct! I had the opportunity to sit down with Dennis one morning this week and his time was limited. He let me know that after finishing his work, he still had to pack and catch a plane. Flying overseas to compete in the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race is something very few persons will ever have a chance to experience. But for Dennis Trebing, it's simply another opportunity on his road to success!

 Image courtesy: Sportscar Info

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Coconut Oil - Mother Nature's Breast Milk

SWFL Health and Well-Being

If you knew there was an oil you could use for your daily cooking needs that, also, improved your digestion and strengthened your immune system, would you give it a try? Suppose you found out that this same oil helped protect you from heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions, would that influence your decision? What if you discovered that this same oil protected you from infectious illnesses, but also helped you lose excess weight. Would you still be a little skeptical? Most of us have a hard time believing things that sound 'too good to be true', as to be somewhat doubting is human nature. Truth is often stranger than fiction! Well, coconut oil is this genuinely miraculous substance! Not only are the benefits of using coconut oil well-documented, but it's quickly replacing other oils offering fewer health benefits.




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'Tis the Season

Paradise Pondering

Fall in southwest Florida signifies many things. Residents know that following Halloween, an influx of tourists will soon commence that will continue through Christmas and the New Year. Fall also indicates that, despite several close bouts with heat stroke, temperatures akin to those found in a sauna will be returning! Of course, the most obvious and significant difference that SWFL residents can expect is for the local traffic to go from "not bad at all" to "you've got to be kidding". Local business organizations of every type gear up for that influx of people. Many of these businesses only see significant earnings during this time of year, so expanded hours of operation, as well as additional marketing efforts, are not uncommon.

One type of organization here in SWFL relies heavily upon this influx. Those businesses are charitable organizations. These not-for-profit, tax-exempt businesses are more than prolific in our area. Their numbers are mind numbing! Given the fact that southwest Florida is known as being a smaller, middle-class, largely blue-collar working community, it warrants the question; "Why are they here?" Why do these innumerable charities headquarter themselves in a less affluent area as opposed to a wealthier community? If you answered because of a lack of formal education, governmental oversight, state regulation and a nearly blind willingness on the part of many residents to support charities, you would be correct! If a vast majority of our local charities operated in a reputable fashion, that would be different! The sad truth is that they do not. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of these entities actually 'give' less than ten percent of the money they collect to persons in need. Put succinctly, highway robbery at gunpoint would be a more honest form of theft!

Charities attempt to provoke a sense of obligation within individuals

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What's Happening to Our Dog's Immune Systems


Recently, there has been some disturbing news of a new virus that has killed several dogs in Ohio, one in California and one in Maryland. It was also reported in Michigan, at first claimed to be an unknown virus, it was later to be identified as Circovirus. Unfortunately, not all the dogs that have perished have tested positive for Circovirus, making it even more of a wild card. Researchers are not even sure how it is transmitted, or if normal, healthy dogs carry and shed it through their feces. And, remember, it may not be Circovirus at all. They are, presently, uncertain. But one thing is certain. If left untreated, it can (potentially) kill your pet!


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Business Blogging: Best Practices - Part Two

Cape Coral Business

It is important for today's smaller businesses to face the necessity of maintaining a strong internet and social presence, as doing so provides the best avenue for helping build a brand's sub-culture. Building a compelling web presence is no small task! You've probably been told a few times already! "That new web site looks great and you should be proud!" This one uses current technologies and looks, feels and (hopefully) performs exactly the way you intended. That is great! Now, how are you planning to drive traffic there? Have you thought about the best places to cultivate that traffic? Of course, this new site is linked to your Facebook® page, right? But what links to your new website? Does anything?

While having a clear vision is essential in establishing your brand's subculture, so, too, is understanding your customer and becoming able to anticipate their needs.


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Rules? Who Needs Stinking Rules?

Greatest Cape
®Nestlé is a Registered trademark / All Rights Reserved. 
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...Expand We Must!

Site Notes

2013 has certainly been a year of change for Greatest Cape! We have made so many changes this year and, of course, have more pending prior to the New Year! A lot of changes to our firm's internal structure have necessitated additions to our staff, as well as revisions to our schedules, promotions, sales and marketing, as well. We have enjoyed taking advantage of several opportunities that have allowed us to grow as an organization during the year.


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Peach Oatmeal Bake

SWFL Cuisine

Looking for a versatile, easy and delicious southwest Florida summer dish? Try this yummy oatmeal recipe warms wonderfully for breakfast either with or without milk! Eat it room temperature for a snack, or try it cold, with a scoop of ice cream as a dessert! No matter how you most enjoy it, this dish makes for a quick and satisfying summertime treat!





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Growing Frangipani in SWFL

Cape Coral News

It is likely that many southwest Florida residents know or have heard of the Frangipani tree and it's colorful history. However, Plumeria, the less common name for the Frangipani, is *a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family and related to the Oleander.  Within that genus are seven or eight species of deciduous shrubs and small trees, all of which are referred to as Frangipani. These species are commonly found growing in Central and South America, as well as Mexico and the West Indies. The trees have actually been seen growing as far south as Brazil. What is surprising is the fact that Frangipani can, actually, be grown in most tropical and sub-tropical regions!


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