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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 05:56 AM EDT
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Growing Frangipani in SWFL

Cape Coral News

It is likely that many southwest Florida residents know or have heard of the Frangipani tree and it's colorful history. However, Plumeria, the less common name for the Frangipani, is *a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family and related to the Oleander.  Within that genus are seven or eight species of deciduous shrubs and small trees, all of which are referred to as Frangipani. These species are commonly found growing in Central and South America, as well as Mexico and the West Indies. The trees have actually been seen growing as far south as Brazil. What is surprising is the fact that Frangipani can, actually, be grown in most tropical and sub-tropical regions!


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What is Triphala?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

If you are a health food proponent or fan of natural cures and homeopathic remedies, you may already be familiar with triphala. However, this Ayurvedic (traditional medicine in India) is also the most popular herbal formula there. The reason for the popularity of triphala is due to it's natural laxative qualities. What makes it unique it it's dual ability to also protect the body's strength! It is probably best known among vegans and those who maintain a primarily vegetarian diet. More recently, Triphala has gained increasing popularity for a host of additional, less highly touted benefits which it offers.

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Business Blogging: Best Practices - Part One

Cape Coral Business

If your business is a part of our Cape Coral or Fort Myers Business directories, we're glad you're here! As the hosting entity for our online listings, we want to assure that our clients have every advantage we can offer to maximize the potential reach of their online real estate within our directory. Similarly, we wouldn't be doing justice if we did not also offer a few suggestions for helping to assure that their own blogs or web sites are, also, working on their behalf. If your business has an online listing within a social media entity (such as Facebook®), then you will need to promote that presence in order to grow your brand presence.

While the reasons for promotion may be self-evident, our focus will be on effective methods for presenting your company in the best possible light!


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Horse Interaction Day

SWFL Events, Insights and Observations

In the late morning of a Saturday, five days prior to the official start of a southwest Florida summer, an event which promised kids they would have "loads of fun and learn all about horses"  really delivered! Horse Interaction Day was held at the Saddlewood Horse Club in Cape Coral. Having not been to Saddlewood before, I was pleasantly surprised at the strong turnout for the day's event. Being kid and family-friendly, the event provided petting areas, as well as access to horse stables, not to mention a shaded bounce house! Moms, dads and kids all had a fun time learning about the care and feeding of horses and other farm animals! Fortunately for me, upon my arrival, I realized that the real fun was just getting underway!


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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for SMBs

Cape Coral Business

Nearly every small to medium sized business owner in America has heard someone tout the importance of social media marketing. And while that fact is not so surprising, that so many business owners have failed to effectively begin to utilize social media to gain additional exposure for their businesses is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps there are a litany of reasons to explain the slow rate at which American business owners have adopted social media. As many of today's business owners didn't grow up with a computer on their desk, just booting up their PC and resolving to a desktop feels like a major accomplishment! Despite this, time and technology continue to march on leaving many good businesses out of step!

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What Spring Brings

Paradise Pondering


The coming of spring reminds us all that life is cyclical in nature. It can be something as simple as the blooming of a magnolia tree, or the flowering of the honeysuckle telling us all that nature is awakening from her winter sleep. Southwest Florida certainly has some very unique signs letting us know what is, most likely, approaching. And while each season is, of course, unique in so many ways, there are some very predictable aspects to the arrival of spring and, ultimately, summer in our corner of the world.

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Setting Up A Facebook® Page for Your Business

Cape Coral Business

 In the age of social media, businesses that build and maintain a Facebook® presence, can closely monitor their online growth. They can actually measure with nearly pinpoint accuracy the effectiveness of every post made! The simple fact the so many business owners don't understand the value of having such a page for their own business, doesn't mean that their competitors haven't discovered the edge that having one has given them! Maybe one of the funniest excuses ever given for not having a Facebook® page is that many small business owners say their customers wouldn't use it!


Should you be one of those unfortunates, who is party to this misguided logic, here's an update; Your customers are on Facebook® and, yes, they have already noticed that your business is not!


If you're suprised, you shouldn't be! ~ But, if you're having a hard time getting started with building your business Facebook® page, we can help to put your business on the right track!


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Glass Slipper Fits at FGCU Basketball


Sometimes it nice to be thought of as an underdog! Especially if you really believe in what you bring to the contest! The FGCU ( Florida Gulf Coast University) Men's Basketball squad are experiencing that sensation now. The War Eagles have achieved a history making 'Cinderella story' status by reaching 2013's NCAA March Madness 'Sweet 16' Tournament as a Number 15 seed! Southwest Florida's FGCU's website is buzzing! Sources say the Athletic website has crashed twice! Phones are ringing and form email inquiries are flooding the Admissions office's inbox. In a period of less than a week, some local school administrators have seen a large part of the free world discover their school, while the world focuses upon the talented team of young men that comprise the FGCU War Eagles. Not only does the glass slipper fit, they wear it well! 

Image Courtesy: FGCU - Ft. Myers

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The Science of Breath

SWFL Health and Well-Being

One of the five principals of yoga is called Pranayama, or breathing exercise. The word "prana" translates to mean “life force”. Proper breathing deals with the need of our brain and vital organs to receive the oxygen they require. As breathing is the only way to supply our bodies this oxygen, the importance of proper breathing techniques becomes obvious. What may not be so obvious, however, is the fact that Hindu or Vedic philosophy regarding the science of breathing dates back thousands of years. It was first referenced in Upanishads around 400 BC.



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Manatee Death Toll Rises


Persons who have lived in Florida for a few years have, most likely, seen a manatee. They are plentiful year round. Given the fact that manatees live and dwell in waters that are continuing to diminish in size and cleanliness, some recent rises in manatee mortality can be attributed to that fact. However, with more than 170 deaths so far this year, Florida's manatee population is facing a loss of record numbers! Experts with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute have seen a dramatic rise in the number of manatee deaths related to red tide. This fact has raised concern among other experts around the state. Given the manatee's sensitivity to cold, pollution and other factors, as well as the lengthy gestation period associated with their reproduction, the outlook seems bleak for one of Florida's most beloved and endangered creatures.

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