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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:08 PM EDT
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5th Annual Peace Day in the Park

SWFL Events, Insights and Observations

 A beautiful, sunny afternoon with a mild breeze made a nearly ideal setting for the recent Peace Day in the Park celebration at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral. Hundreds of attendees enjoyed strolling, browsing and greeting their friends as the day progressed. Given that this was the fifth celebration of Peace Day locally, it was a greatly anticipated event for many. With a variety of local SWFL vendors, performers, and organizers, the event provided fun for persons of all ages....and even their pets!



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Ready for a Fight?

SWFL Green Living

If you've been hearing more and more news stories about GMOs, don't be too surprised! The truth about how prevalent they have become in the American diet has been getting around. Many Baby-Boomers have grown up eating foods that contain GMOs, and, sadly, most are unaware of the numerous health problems and concerns that have arisen as a result of their consumption. On the other hand, one of the corporations most responsible for the proliferation of GMOs in modern agriculture is Monsanto®. As a lead proponent of the Bio-Tech industries, Monsanto, as well as many others whose future financial success depends on continued use of GMOs, have joined together in an attempt to defeat California's Proposition 37, * " ..the November 6 citizens ballot initiative that will require genetically engineered foods to be labeled and put an end to the deceptive industry practice of marketing GMO-tainted foods as “natural” or “all natural.”

The fact that Monsanto® has donated 4.2 million dollars to defeat Proposition 37 is not alarming. It is simply a direct reflection of their desperation, a desperation reflecting of the gross profits at stake, should they lose their battle to maintain national ignorance about the insidious use of GMOs in almost everything we eat! Thanks to the work of organizations like the Organic Consumers Association, there is a vigorous campaign underway to educate consumers as to why this is simply a fight that must be won!


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Yeah, Right?

Paradise Pondering

Americans like their televisions. There isn't much argument about it. I will admit to enjoying my share of television programming. However, the one aspect of watching TV that I, often, find offensive is the advertising. Modern network television commercials are so carefully crafted, produced and voiced-over, that they can be quite impressive!


Exactly what I find most annoying about commercials is that they are, usually, cleverly worded, subliminally seductive, sugar-frosted lies!


Yes, I know that companies have to market! But, honestly, I believe that the vast majority of claims and statistical data that Americans hear in commercials are (at best) speculative or largely untrue! As America closes in on the 2012 Presidential election, a different breed of television commercial has begun littering the TV airwaves. Re-enter the paid political advertisement. 


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BON CHON (Crispy Korean Chicken Wings)

SWFL Cuisine

I want to share my recipe for Bon Chon with my fellow readers! For those of you who don't know, Bon Chon are crispy Korean chicken wings and they are delicious! Simply follow these instructions and you will quickly become a professional. Hopefully, you will add them to your list of favorite recipes!


24 Chicken Wings (Cut in half, discard the tips. You will get 48 pieces of chicken)
3/4 Cup Flour
1/2 Cup Potato Starch Powder (Substitution Tapioca Starch)
2 Eggs
1 Tbsp sea salt
1 Tb fresh Cracked Pepper
Mazola Corn Oil (substitution Canola Oil) for frying


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5 Irrefutable Reasons Why to Buy Organic

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Having to make choices about the types of food we consume is something that we all face. Increased concern for personal health has fueled interest in organic foods  Organic varieties of many types of produce and grocery items have become available as alternatives to those items produced or grown and sold en mass at most grocery stores. While some consumers have opted to make organic food a vital part of their lives, the vast majority of Americans have yet to do so. Reasons why so many have chosen to avoid organic foods are numerous! One of the most popular arguments against buying organic is the increased cost. Still, others believe that organic foods are not healthier than non-organic. Strangely, the most commonly heard justification people express for not choosing organic is that they just cant see any reason to buy it! The existence of irrefutable proof aside, the benefits are not necessarily visible!



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Florida State Beekeepers Association Conference

SWFL Events, Insights and Observations

I had the pleasure of attending a conference on beekeeping last week. Despite knowing very little about bees, I was compelled to attend, in an effort to further my knowledge about these very industrious creatures. The Florida State Beekeepers Association Conference was held last week in southwest Florida at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium in Fort Myers. It was attended by a variety of individuals and companies, most of whom are either beekeepers, honey makers, agricultural specialists or just individuals and families interested in finding out more about beekeeping. Not only what I learned, but, especially, the people I met, made this event one that I thoroughly enjoyed!


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Updates, Changes and New Resources

Site Notes

As summer approaches southwest Florida, Greatest Cape would like to share some of the latest changes and improvements we've made to our site! Most people would agree that there is only permanence in change, and we couldn't agree more. Due to the large volume of content we provide, we are constantly striving to improve upon what we offer. Some changes are easier than others. Often, a change is an ongoing process with some of our content. Other changes we choose to implement are larger projects and require greater amounts of time. In both cases, we are seeking to make it easier to enjoy Greatest Cape!

Southwest Florida businesses can register online at Greatest Cape! 

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Cape Coral Business Directory 2.0

Cape Coral Business

It wasn't so long ago that when people were looking for businesses, they went straight for the Yellow Pages®. It was specific, fairly comprehensive and local, too! People have always liked being able to find a local business quickly. Sometimes, they knew the name of the business they were seeking. Other times, they might just be seeking a service provider, but not have a specific company in mind. In either case, the Yellow Pages® usually delivered and it didn't cost a cent! Decades ago, directory assistance became an automated, excessively time consuming source of frustration!

"Cape Coral Walmart, please" would too often be replied to with something like; "I think you said 'Aunt Cora's Wallboard', is that correct?

The migration to listing businesses online was neither unexpected nor surprising, but it did leave many business owners with a feeling of uncertainty about their own advertising.


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Conservation 20/20

SWFL Green Living

In 1996, Lee County, Florida was booming. Growth within the southwest Florida area was experiencing strong existing home sales, as well as new home construction. All of this growth was being bolstered by a thriving economy. At that time, a majority of concerned citizens here voted to support a proposed tax millage increase designed to protect environmentally critical lands within southwest Florida. That proposed tax was supported by a grass roots effort on the part of local citizens concerned about the loss of environmentally sensitive land to rapid development taking place here.

In 1996, when the proposed tax millage increase was passed by Lee County voters, The Lee County Board of County Commissioners created the "Conservation 20/20" land acquisition and stewardship program.   

Photo Courtesy: The Sand Paper

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My Return to Paradise - A Remembrance

Paradise Pondering

This past week, I visited my homeland...Florida...the sands from which I arose on this planet, not too long ago. I was very blessed to visit almost all of my very best friends that I made while living in Fort Myers, including the esteemed prestidigitator of this Web site. Southwest Florida holds a very dear place in my heart. It certainly felt like a homecoming! My travels have taken me away from southwest Florida, but only physically, I noticed.

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