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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:20 PM EDT
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Where are they Biting?

Cape Coral Recreation

No matter what season it is in Florida, one thing is a certainty. The fish are biting somewhere! Here in southwest Florida, this is nearly a virtual certainty! Whether they''re redfish, snook, or even tarpon, every season offers our local and visiting anglers great fishing. Be it salt or fresh water, the action is fairly consistent. The key to great fishing here in SWFL is simple..ask a Fishing Captain! The problem is finding one who really knows his stuff and is, shall we say, worth his salt.

Fishing boat

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Residential Solar Energy: Pros and Cons

SWFL Green Living

By definition, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. *That process occurs either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). Photovoltaics are cells designed to convert solar energy into electrical current via a process known as the photoelectric process. Concentrated solar power systems focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. These CSPs frequently use lenses or mirrors, as well as tracking systems, allowing for the concentrated light to be utilized for a heat source, often to boil water and affect other power systems and technologies.

Because many CSP facilities presently exist and function very well, many persons wonder why solar technology isn''t more readily available for consumer use. In this article, we will attempt to dispel the myths and make clear the realities of residential solar power.

Solar panels on a residence

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Cape Coral Recreation

Of the myriad recreational activities southwest Floridians have, few experience the popularity that saltwater fishing enjoys. Whether you're casting from the banks of the local beach, bottom fishing among the artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, or trolling the depths, the relaxation and fun that fishing offers is one of the most affordable and satisfying recreational activities. Most fisherman agree that the thrill is in the catching. Given the importance of preserving these natural resources for future generations, the principle of catching and releasing fish has experienced significant growth, too! In an effort to increase the survival rate of those releases, certain practices should be observed.


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The Unsweetened Truth about Sugar

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Sugar is something that can be found in almost every kitchen. For those persons who are diabetic, the intake of sugar is something that must be closely monitored. However, most Americans consume sugar in excessive quantities. So many of the foods we consume have huge amounts of sugar. From breakfast cereals to snack foods to drinks and especially sodas, an overwhelming majority of foods produced today have a lot of added sugar. While our bodies do require sugar, they are also capable of producing those sugars through conversion of carbohydrates which are present in many foods. Most of us have no need for the amount of added sugar we consume daily. If we take into consideration how sugar is produced, we quickly discover that the potential damage to our bodies is only part of the problem.

Processed white sugar

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Dr. Fahey - Psychic Medium

SWFL Events, Insights and Observations

You walk with anticipation and trepidation to the door. Your heart starts to flutter, partially from excitement and partially from fear of the unknown. You know that you only get to ask one question, possibly two, so you think and rethink of what questions you want to have answered. You want to get it right, as the answers will be life altering and, quite possibly, rock you to your very existence!

Dr. Fahey - Psychic Medium

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China Moon Review

SWFL Events, Insights and Observations

The China Moon Festival is a tradition rich in history, beauty, and romance. Monday night's event fit the bill and paid tribute to this amazing tradition with no stone unturned and no detail sparred. The beautiful details coupled with the sun setting behind the trees overlooking the Bowditch Park made this night truly magical. I am so happy to have been a part of it, and I am sad for those who weren't able to attend.

China Moon Festival

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Cool Meditation

SWFL Health and Well-Being

While many people are not aware, the practice of meditation dates back to around 500-600 B.C. During that time period, Taoists in China and Buddhists in India began to develop meditative practices. The English word; ''meditation'' has come to mean think, ponder, contemplate or devise and is derived from the Latin verb; 'meditari'. Because the history of meditation is closely tied to the religious context within which it''s practiced, Western Christian meditation differs from other forms in that it doesn't include the repetition of any action or phrasing, and also wasn't posture specific. In the 1950''s, secular or non-religious forms of meditation were evolving in India. A Westernized form of Hindu meditative techniques first arrived in Europe and the United States in the 1960''s, emphasizing self improvement, as well as stress reduction and relaxation.

Due to the explosion of popularity that meditation has experienced since the 1970''s, thousands of research studies have been conducted on the topic. Strangely, despite the wealth of research, the knowledge of exactly what mechanism is providing the numerous beneficial aspects associated with meditation still remains a mystery.

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Fruit Pizza

SWFL Cuisine

Pizza for dessert? Oh yeah! Fruit pizza will quickly become a family favorite. Personalize it with your favorite fruits. Enjoy it with your family, or serve it at your next party - either way, this sweet, fruity dessert it sure to please.

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America's Political Future: Death of the Duopoly

Paradise Pondering

As the political climate in America continues to heat up, most Americans are aware that the Republican Party is busily trying to locate a viable candidate to nominate for the 2012 Presidential election. Given the influences of moderates, the newly formed Tea Party and party loyalists, no single, prospective candidate seems to be garnering a lion's share of support. Newt Gingerich never had a chance, Tim Pawlenty withdrew after the Iowa Straw Poll and Texas Governor Rick Perry seems nearly indiscernible from the former President George W. Bush. Mitt Romney seems to be hanging in, but is not a clear favorite. Meanwhile, President Obama seems to be taking time to campaign amid wrestling with his own popularity. Despite the wearing of a brave face, neither party has garnered any new waves of supporters. But why is it that Americans are not showing a significant party leaning as election year approaches? The reality that Americans have become disenfranchised with their divisive legislators is one that will not disappear. Clearly, the death of the two-party system is approaching.

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The Cultural Park Theatre

SWFL Arts and Entertainment

Cape Coral is a community that is rich in many ways. As southwest Floridians, we enjoy more days of sunshine per year than so many other places. If beaches, sunshine and warm weather are for you, then it might be difficult to find a better destination. But if you're a fan of southwest Florida Arts and Culture, then you've certainly heard of Cape Coral's Cultural Park Theatre. Right? Well, if you can't say that you've attended a show there, it's clear that your social calendar may need some updating. As a 49-year-old entity, the Cultural Park Theatre stands as a powerful testament to the fact that high quality, worthwhile entertainment is alive and well in Cape Coral.

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