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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:11 PM EDT
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Time Wasters

Site Notes

When I am out and about in Cape Coral, I often hear grumblings about the lack of things to do. But ask a fan of Greatest Cape's Cape Coral and SWFL Events Calendar and you'll hear that's not really true. While Cape Coral may have once been jokingly called "The home of the newlywed and the nearly dead," today's reality is something different. Here at Greatest Cape, we don't want anyone to get bored! We hope that our site will not only appeal to a younger audience, but, also, possibly an adult audience looking for a mindless distraction. In an effort to do just that, we have decided to introduce a Games Page!

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Love Is Green

SWFL Green Living

Current trends in living have shown more and more Americans interested in personal health. Dietary trends have seemed to follow suit. Maintaining a proper diet involves getting the proper nutrients, as well as watching our calorie and sugar intake. Maintaining our digestive systems involves making sure we get enough fiber in our diets and also enough water. Add in the need we all have for daily vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids and, suddenly, choosing the proper foods for maintaining our health takes on new importance. While the large grocery chains have worked to supply an inexpensive variety of produce for consumers, the trend is changing. More than ever before, the demand for local and organically grown food has exploded.

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Kettle Corn

SWFL Cuisine

You will not believe how easy it is to make your own Kettle Corn right at home.

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Clean 15 versus Dirty Dozen

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Local, organic and conventional are just some of the words associated with produce. Because produce is the topic of interest to almost everyone, we should also be aware of risks associated with it's consumption. Growing concern over the widespread use and prevalence of pesticides by large, commercial produce farmers around the world has prompted regulatory agencies and consumer awareness groups to inform consumers about the potential dangers posed to their health. However, with such a variety of produce to consider, the information can be confusing.

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Cape Council Approves Beach at Four Freedoms Park

Cape Coral News

It has not been a long time coming. In fact, the project has actually come together reasonably quickly. The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency proposed beach at Four Freedoms Park in Cape Coral appears to be on track for becoming a reality. Initially proposed last year during the introduction of the CRA's 2030 Future Vision Plan, the project has become a primary focus for them. Despite the inability of the CRA to avail themselves of Tourist Development Council funding, CRA Chairman Don Heisler has said that his organization will provide the nearly $42,000 necessary to secure the project.

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So Much Things to Say

Site Notes

It is not often at Greatest Cape that we pause to reflect on where we stand. However, as we've recently reached a milestone in our growth, it seemed an appropriate time to do so. This past week marks our 4th Anniversary! Since our inception, the changes to our site have been numerous. Because we realize that not changing means standing still, we prefer to be flexible and comfortable with change. Maintaining our commitment to excellence, we believe, requires a willingness to constantly strive for better.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cape Coral Web Technology

If you happen to work in a field where technology is part of your daily work responsibilities, then you might be familiar with the term cloud computing. But even if you've never heard the expression before, the strong likelihood is that you are already using the technology in some capacity, whether you know it or not!

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Reactors as Rain Collectors?

Paradise PonderingThe expression “beat swords into plowshares” comes directly from the Bible. It is a reference to turning away from military activity in order to pursue peace. That expression has been adopted by many organizations as a slogan, representative of their peaceful purposes. While the US economy struggles to recover from deep recession, President Obama has purposed that our nation's recovery will be fueled by the creation and proliferation of 'Green Energy' technologies. In terms of our continued pursuit of safe, nuclear power (given the known hazards and toxic byproducts associated with its production), perhaps the first step in directing a massive restructure of how our nation produces energy and fuels should be the admission of our misdirection thus far?

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Is Your Yard Florida-Friendly?

SWFL NewsAs summer fast approaches, southwest Florida residents know there are certain things they can expect. The first of those is the typical southwest Florida afternoon thundershower. The second of those would be the predictably intense heat of consistent 90 plus degree days. Yet another predictable aspect of summer in southwest Florida is the inevitability of weekly lawn care. Many residents have found that there are ways to significantly lessen the amount of work their own lawns require. The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program is an educational outreach program created by the University of Florida's IFAS Extension service. It was designed to teach Florida homeowners and professionals how to be more environmentally friendly with their landscape care practices and procedures. They have also created a Florida Friendly Lawn certification program for interested persons who are willing to commit their lawns to nine specific principals.

Image Courtesy: University of Florida
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Greatest Cape Events Rundown

Site NotesVisitors to our site have long been able to access our SWFL and Cape Coral Events Calendar. Residents and visitors alike typically find our calendar quite helpful in planning activities. Greatest Cape lists thousands of annual events in our calendar! With hundreds of new events being created each year, we try to add as many as possible. It is our genuine commitment to providing our site's visitors with the most varied, creative, affordable and entertaining events we can find. In keeping with our objective is to provide the best and most comprehensive calendar possible, we've decided to make a small change. Each week, we will publish a video overview of the coming weekend's events. We hope it makes finding something fun to do a little more enjoyable!

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