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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 04:58 AM EDT
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...Expand We Must!

Site Notes

2013 has certainly been a year of change for Greatest Cape! We have made so many changes this year and, of course, have more pending prior to the New Year! A lot of changes to our firm's internal structure have necessitated additions to our staff, as well as revisions to our schedules, promotions, sales and marketing, as well. We have enjoyed taking advantage of several opportunities that have allowed us to grow as an organization during the year.


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Share If You Care!

Site Notes

Lately, at Greatest Cape, we've been attempting to extend our functionality. Of course, some changes are items that we have anticipated changing. Other changes might be ones we discovered recently that we wanted to implement. So, as we forge ahead, we want to encourage our site's members and visitors to continue to share feedback with us! Given the feedback we received about our GC101 instructional videos, we knew we would wanted to produce more! So, here's what's new!

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Updates, Changes and New Resources

Site Notes

As summer approaches southwest Florida, Greatest Cape would like to share some of the latest changes and improvements we've made to our site! Most people would agree that there is only permanence in change, and we couldn't agree more. Due to the large volume of content we provide, we are constantly striving to improve upon what we offer. Some changes are easier than others. Often, a change is an ongoing process with some of our content. Other changes we choose to implement are larger projects and require greater amounts of time. In both cases, we are seeking to make it easier to enjoy Greatest Cape!

Southwest Florida businesses can register online at Greatest Cape! 

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Greatest Cape 101

Site Notes

Experience is said to be the best teacher, and few will dispute this. It is also true, however, that having a great teacher is an invaluable asset. SInce launching Greatest Cape, we have been asked a thousand or more times exactly how to perform certain tasks on our website. These requests have prompted our humble operation into action!

We realize that we own the responsibility of better educating our viewers where using our site is concerned. With that duty in mind, we set forth to create a series of instructional videos strictly for the end-user!  We want to share with everyone the quickest and easiest ways to set up their own profiles on Greatest Cape!


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It's Good to be Back!

Site Notes

We simply couldn't go without saying it because it`s the truth. We are so very pleased to be back online with our site! In the course of our first four years, we experienced almost zero down time. Miraculous as that seems, it was probably inevitable that our recent site reconstruction would upset the apple cart, so to speak! Hence, seven days without our site made us feel pretty sad. Unfortunately, we weren`t the only ones, as many of our site`s members sent us email expressing concern, as well. We appreciated that, too! When we began the transition, we anticipated only three days of down time. So much for good intentions!


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Time Wasters

Site Notes

When I am out and about in Cape Coral, I often hear grumblings about the lack of things to do. But ask a fan of Greatest Cape's Cape Coral and SWFL Events Calendar and you'll hear that's not really true. While Cape Coral may have once been jokingly called "The home of the newlywed and the nearly dead," today's reality is something different. Here at Greatest Cape, we don't want anyone to get bored! We hope that our site will not only appeal to a younger audience, but, also, possibly an adult audience looking for a mindless distraction. In an effort to do just that, we have decided to introduce a Games Page!

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So Much Things to Say

Site Notes

It is not often at Greatest Cape that we pause to reflect on where we stand. However, as we've recently reached a milestone in our growth, it seemed an appropriate time to do so. This past week marks our 4th Anniversary! Since our inception, the changes to our site have been numerous. Because we realize that not changing means standing still, we prefer to be flexible and comfortable with change. Maintaining our commitment to excellence, we believe, requires a willingness to constantly strive for better.

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Greatest Cape Events Rundown

Site NotesVisitors to our site have long been able to access our SWFL and Cape Coral Events Calendar. Residents and visitors alike typically find our calendar quite helpful in planning activities. Greatest Cape lists thousands of annual events in our calendar! With hundreds of new events being created each year, we try to add as many as possible. It is our genuine commitment to providing our site's visitors with the most varied, creative, affordable and entertaining events we can find. In keeping with our objective is to provide the best and most comprehensive calendar possible, we've decided to make a small change. Each week, we will publish a video overview of the coming weekend's events. We hope it makes finding something fun to do a little more enjoyable!

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Excuse Our Dust...

Site NotesGreatest Cape is growing! As 2010 becomes a memory, we are pleased to be able to announce several noteworthy changes. While we are not changing our focus or our mission, we are expanding to improve the list of features available to our site's members and visitors, alike. It is our sincere hope that we can deliver more reasons for making Greatest Cape your southwest Florida home page.

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We're Turning Green !

Site NotesAre you aware of it? It's a national movement. Maybe you're already involved? At Greatest Cape, we believe that it is essential that we get in step. Green technologies are everywhere. Quite simply, these are methods for conserving and protecting our natural resources. In an effort to appear more environmentally conscious, some larger corporations have started touting their own green initiatives. But any company can make changes in order to operate in a 'greener' fashion. However, as a community web presence, we think it's important to set a better example.

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