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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:19 PM EDT
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Small Business Saturday - The Making of a Gimmick

Cape Coral Business

November 29, 2014 marked Small Business Saturday® recently. For anyone who hadn't noticed, Small Business Saturday® is strategically positioned directly in the wake of both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While Thanksgiving is a yearly national holiday, Black Friday is a socio-economically motivated event designed to tug at the purse strings of would be early Christmas shoppers. According to all financial reports in the wake of this year's highly anticipated event, sales projections were far off base and sales on Black Friday were particularly weak!

Because a host of factors are, likely, responsible for the shortage of pre-holiday sales at major retail outlets on Black Friday, perhaps something new working against that anticipated success is a lack of hype and a realization by many Americans that frantic spending on Black Friday is a gimmick! There...I said it. It's a fabricated false sense of urgency that threatens those who dare to not involve themselves with MISSING OUT! I mean, after all, we know; "These specials won't last long", right? 




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Business Blogging: Best Practices - Part Two

Cape Coral Business

It is important for today's smaller businesses to face the necessity of maintaining a strong internet and social presence, as doing so provides the best avenue for helping build a brand's sub-culture. Building a compelling web presence is no small task! You've probably been told a few times already! "That new web site looks great and you should be proud!" This one uses current technologies and looks, feels and (hopefully) performs exactly the way you intended. That is great! Now, how are you planning to drive traffic there? Have you thought about the best places to cultivate that traffic? Of course, this new site is linked to your Facebook® page, right? But what links to your new website? Does anything?

While having a clear vision is essential in establishing your brand's subculture, so, too, is understanding your customer and becoming able to anticipate their needs.


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Business Blogging: Best Practices - Part One

Cape Coral Business

If your business is a part of our Cape Coral or Fort Myers Business directories, we're glad you're here! As the hosting entity for our online listings, we want to assure that our clients have every advantage we can offer to maximize the potential reach of their online real estate within our directory. Similarly, we wouldn't be doing justice if we did not also offer a few suggestions for helping to assure that their own blogs or web sites are, also, working on their behalf. If your business has an online listing within a social media entity (such as Facebook®), then you will need to promote that presence in order to grow your brand presence.

While the reasons for promotion may be self-evident, our focus will be on effective methods for presenting your company in the best possible light!


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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for SMBs

Cape Coral Business

Nearly every small to medium sized business owner in America has heard someone tout the importance of social media marketing. And while that fact is not so surprising, that so many business owners have failed to effectively begin to utilize social media to gain additional exposure for their businesses is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps there are a litany of reasons to explain the slow rate at which American business owners have adopted social media. As many of today's business owners didn't grow up with a computer on their desk, just booting up their PC and resolving to a desktop feels like a major accomplishment! Despite this, time and technology continue to march on leaving many good businesses out of step!

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Setting Up A Facebook® Page for Your Business

Cape Coral Business

 In the age of social media, businesses that build and maintain a Facebook® presence, can closely monitor their online growth. They can actually measure with nearly pinpoint accuracy the effectiveness of every post made! The simple fact the so many business owners don't understand the value of having such a page for their own business, doesn't mean that their competitors haven't discovered the edge that having one has given them! Maybe one of the funniest excuses ever given for not having a Facebook® page is that many small business owners say their customers wouldn't use it!


Should you be one of those unfortunates, who is party to this misguided logic, here's an update; Your customers are on Facebook® and, yes, they have already noticed that your business is not!


If you're suprised, you shouldn't be! ~ But, if you're having a hard time getting started with building your business Facebook® page, we can help to put your business on the right track!


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Be The Ball !

Cape Coral Business


Many of today's business owners feel overwhelmed. And it isn't, necessarily, because they have an abundance of work. It is, however, caused by the changing face of marketing in a world firmly entrenched in social media. Operating a computer and using it for business are a necessity in the modern business world. However, operating a PC and building a social media presence for a business are two entirely different things. While it is true doing one requires the other, if you struggle with basic computer operations, the concept of building a social media presence, most likely, seems light years away from being a conceivable reality! Since the sole purpose of a blog is to post interesting and relevant content about your product, it's not rocket science. If you know your product or service well, then you need to be able to talk about it! Put simply, a business owner needs to 'be their product'!

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Cape Coral Business Directory 2.0

Cape Coral Business

It wasn't so long ago that when people were looking for businesses, they went straight for the Yellow Pages®. It was specific, fairly comprehensive and local, too! People have always liked being able to find a local business quickly. Sometimes, they knew the name of the business they were seeking. Other times, they might just be seeking a service provider, but not have a specific company in mind. In either case, the Yellow Pages® usually delivered and it didn't cost a cent! Decades ago, directory assistance became an automated, excessively time consuming source of frustration!

"Cape Coral Walmart, please" would too often be replied to with something like; "I think you said 'Aunt Cora's Wallboard', is that correct?

The migration to listing businesses online was neither unexpected nor surprising, but it did leave many business owners with a feeling of uncertainty about their own advertising.


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The Art of Gratuity

Cape Coral Business

Since the establishment of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the United States Department of Labor has been responsible for establishing wage standards for registered employers. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the current minimum hourly wage earned by any non-tax exempt employee has been established to be $7.25 per hour. The last time the D.O.L. raised the minimum wage amount was back in 2009. At the time, that wage was adjusted upward for inflation, the corresponding minimum wage for "Tipped employees" didn't change. For a tipped employee, an employer is ** “only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages, if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the federal minimum wage..”.

Given the disparity between these wages, it can be inferred that 'tipping accordingly' is nothing short of an art form, best practiced by people with prior service experience and adequate math skills. 


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Social Media Affects Search Results

Cape Coral Business

Unless your company has been hiding under a rock, then you're probably aware of the massive growth of business involvement on social media sites. Maybe your company has managed to build a Google® Places listing, or perhaps establish a Twitter® account and find a few persons to follow? If so, then you''ve (at least) taken the first steps to establish your social business presence online, beyond having built a website. However, if you fail to see the relevance of social media activity in relation to your company being found online, perhaps a closer look at a present day search engine results page may enlighten you.


Google search results


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2011 - The State of Inbound Marketing

Cape Coral BusinessWith the closing of tourist season, many southwest Floridians are already anticipating the arrival of next year. With the local economic outlook improving, many businesses are planning for an increase in next year's marketing budgets. Based upon recently published statistical trends, businesses are finding traditional advertising channels less effective than ever before. A recent poll found that 86% of all TV viewers skip television commercials! Results from the same poll found that 44% of all direct mail is never examined. The strongest finding of the poll may have been that these numbers are increasing! Clearly, the small business owner can no longer rely solely upon advertising to fuel their own business growth.

Image Courtesy: Silicon Cloud

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