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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:15 PM EDT
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The Witches Promise

Cape Coral News

It was just last week, Friday to be exact. And while a new business launching in Cape Coral isn't anything out of the ordinary, this was not a new business. So, why would a business that wasn't new hold an opening ceremony? Let's just say that the timing had to be perfect. Opening doors for business is, certainly, a cause for some celebration! But, for those who are not aware, the Red Headed Witches is a business that has been growing in Cape Coral for several years. To say that any business trying to find a perfect location faces a challenge would be true! However, where the Red Headed Witches are concerned, they needed to find a fitting home for their very unique costume business! With their most recent move into their location at 1910 Del Prado Boulevard, the Red Headed Witches realized that they had, in fact, found precisely the right home!

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Growing Frangipani in SWFL

Cape Coral News

It is likely that many southwest Florida residents know or have heard of the Frangipani tree and it's colorful history. However, Plumeria, the less common name for the Frangipani, is *a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family and related to the Oleander.  Within that genus are seven or eight species of deciduous shrubs and small trees, all of which are referred to as Frangipani. These species are commonly found growing in Central and South America, as well as Mexico and the West Indies. The trees have actually been seen growing as far south as Brazil. What is surprising is the fact that Frangipani can, actually, be grown in most tropical and sub-tropical regions!


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Cape Council Approves Beach at Four Freedoms Park

Cape Coral News

It has not been a long time coming. In fact, the project has actually come together reasonably quickly. The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency proposed beach at Four Freedoms Park in Cape Coral appears to be on track for becoming a reality. Initially proposed last year during the introduction of the CRA's 2030 Future Vision Plan, the project has become a primary focus for them. Despite the inability of the CRA to avail themselves of Tourist Development Council funding, CRA Chairman Don Heisler has said that his organization will provide the nearly $42,000 necessary to secure the project.

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Small Business Tribute a Success

Cape Coral NewsOn Wednesday of this week, the City of Cape Coral, along with the Small Business Development Center at FGCU, and the Chamber of Commerce put on an event celebrating small business ownership in Cape Coral. Appropriately designated "A Tribute to Small Business", the event took place at the Cape Coral Yacht Club and the turnout was greater than anticipated as a standing-room-only crowd enjoyed the festivities and feasted on food supplied by local restaurants.

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Cape Coral's Evaluation & Appraisal Report

Cape Coral News2011 marks the year that Cape Coral will be reviewing the city's Comprehensive Plan. The review process, which is required by the State of Florida, is referred to as an Evaluation and Appraisal. Although the actual review is a two-step process, the initial phase of the review involves gathering feedback from Cape Coral citizens in an effort to draft an effective plan to encourage growth and improve living conditions. This Friday marks the final in a series of three workshops designed to collect input from local citizens

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The South Cape Vision Plan

Cape Coral NewsThe Community Redevelopment Agency's November 16 Board meeting was held in the Cape Coral City Council Chambers. The CRA made use of the City Council Chambers in an effort to provide additional space for the many invited guests. Tonight's meeting marked the CRA's initial presentation of their South Cape Vision Plan, an 85-page document intended to guide growth and development of the South Cape during the next two decades.

Logo Courtesy: Cape Coral CRA
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Automated Refuse and Recycling Set to Begin

Cape Coral NewsIn Cape Coral's history, numerous companies have been involved in the collection of waste and recycling. Back in April, the Cape Coral City Council voted to part company with Waste Management Inc., and begin a relationship with a new carrier. While residents were initially concerned about the carrier change and it's cost to taxpayers, residents will save money over the long run with the new company.

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Cape's Planning Commissioner Resigns

Cape Coral NewsWalter Fluegel, Cape Coral's Planning and Zoning Commissioner, resigned last week. As a longtime employee of the city, Mr. Fluegel stated that his resignation was prompted by circumstances within his department. As his resignation was, certainly, not expected, it was, also, not without an explanation as to why he believed it was necessary.

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Gary King selected as Cape Coral's City Manager

Cape Coral NewsLast Thursday, the Cape Coral City Council selected Gary King as the new City Manager. After narrowing the candidate pool down to five prospective choices, Mr. King was selected to replace former City Manager, Terry Stewart.

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Cape Council drowns Aquatic Center / approves Village Square

Cape Coral NewsIn what could only be described as an exhausting 12-hour session, the Cape Coral City Council voted against approval of the proposed Aquatic Center in a 5-3 vote. Many Cape Coral residents were supportive of the proposed center and believed that it offered the community both an opportunity for national recognition that it has lacked, as well as a positive economic impact on the city. While council was not in support of the swim center, they took relatively little time to approve the Village Square mixed-use project for the downtown area. The availability of necessary funding for the respective projects seemed to dictate their differing outcomes.

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