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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:17 PM EDT
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Beautiful Disaster? - A Key to Successful Recovery

Cape Coral Resources

It is often said; 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. While few persons would argue that readiness can make a significant difference in dealing with a potential, unforeseen situation, the same people might also agree that imagining every possible scenario is not likely, either! Should your property require reconstruction services, or if fire and smoke damage restoration are required, taking steps now to locate the best providers will afford you piece of mind later! If mold remediation service or reconstruction services are required in the wake of water damage, will you have the necessary assistance at the ready? If your business requires water and fire damage restoration from an occurrence at an adjacent structure, who can assure your compliance for any property damage liability? Becoming familiar with professional, reliable disaster service providers now can insure being equipped with the proper resources in the event of disaster. 


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What's Happening ?

Cape Coral ResourcesIf you're a fan of our Southwest Florida Community Events Calendar, you know that it's where to find events that are taking place locally. If you, typically, find several events that you want to remember, you might try creating your own calendar. Doing so will give you a quick reference to your own events whenever you happen to be logged-in.

But what if you are planning a local event yourself ? Do you know how to get the word out ? Sending out press releases is a good idea, but there are many options for promoting your event.

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A Gallon of Gas

Cape Coral ResourcesWhether you're young or old, it doesn't matter. The price we pay for gasoline affects everyone who drives. As the re-alignment within the auto industry continues, those manufacturers who stay in business will, no doubt, continue to produce vehicles that address our reliance on fossil fuels by getting better mileage.

But what about today? The residents of southwest Florida have felt the fuel crunch more than some others. On almost any day, the price of gasoline in our community looms above the national average. Given our mainly tourism-based economy, that's not a big surprize.

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Preparing For The Worst - Part III

Cape Coral ResourcesIn this final installment of our series on hurricane preparedness, we'll take a look at the most important aspects of securing your home before a storm. Since we began writing these articles, southwest Florida has experienced no fewer than two named storms, one of which was a hurricane. As of this writing, we are facing the possibility of a third storm possibly disrupting our lives. While no one can control the intensity of a storm or our response to the aftermath, there are some vital precautions you can take to secure your home if a hurricane or tropical storm hits.

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Preparing for the Worst- Part II

Cape Coral ResourcesIf the summer hurricane season should produce a tropical storm that threatens southwest Florida's coastal communities, you'll want to assure your family's piece of mind during that time. Having a Hurricane Supply Kit is a necessity where preparations are concerned.

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Preparing for the Worst - Part I

Cape Coral Resources"Hurricane preparedness" is an expression often heard around southwest Florida. If you're new to our part of the country, it's part of our standard vocabulary. The reason for this is our hurricane season makes it necessary. The frequency with which we see tropical storms develop into hurricanes require that we maintain a state of readiness in the event of storms or severe weather.

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Dude, Where's Your Car ?

Cape Coral ResourcesIf you have recently moved to Cape Coral, well, Congratulations !
However, before you drive to the beach and start putting on sunscreen, there are a few changes that will, likely, make your road to the shoreline much smoother.

Here in Cape Coral, we can boast many unique lifestyle offerings that might account for why we are often referred to as "Paradise". But if you don't take the time to get a few things in order, it's possible that you'll miss more than a few sunsets before you ever see the beach...because you'll have to walk to get there !
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Greatest Cape's Business Directory

Cape Coral ResourcesTo the wealth of businesses which have discovered us, we thank you for your support ! For those we've yet to meet, we look forward to having you join our site. If someone you know is seeking exposure for their Cape Coral based business, please put them in touch with us. As a service to our members, we want to have the most complete directory of businesses and services available.
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Lost your Best Friend ?

Cape Coral ResourcesAccording to Lee County Animal Services, in 2006, there were more than 16,000 animals that became temporary residents at the shelter. On average, they take in 1,400 animals each month. In the event that you have lost your pet, you can check out the animals they have recovered. Conversely, if you have found a pet, they can provide you assistance as well.
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This City Never Sleeps

Cape Coral ResourcesThe City of Cape Coral, not unlike many Florida cities, is a fast growing locale. If you been a resident here for more than a few years time, you have, most likely, seen our awesome growth taking place right before your eyes. From the widening of roadways to the construction of new commercial and residential developments, Cape Coral is Florida's fastest growing city. Due to our explosive growth, it can often seem difficult to locate pertinent information. Greatest Cape can assist in your informational quest.

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