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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:15 PM EDT
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A Little Girl with A Big Heart!


Most of us look forward to that time of year when Girl Scout cookies are available. My mouth waters just looking at a box of Thin Mints! Recently I discovered that very few people (actually) know that the Girl Scouts organization provides cookies to our country's military personnel serving abroad. These donated military boxes come from the average cookie customers like you and I. Some customers are generous enough to buy a box or two for the military while making their own purchase. Once the donations are gathered from all over the US, Girl Scouts of America sends a variety of cookies to those serving our country around the world. Despite a recent shortage of cookies in local warehouses, one 8-year old Brownie Scout developed a plan to address both issues with one solution!



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Tenacity in Fast Company


Dennis Trebing arrives early for work. His days working full-time with his family's business, Trebing Tile, often keeps him late. But Dennis says that working is his reality and it helps him to stay grounded. Perhaps more than most of us, the not yet 23-year old young man needs to feel that in his life, he says. What makes Mr. Dennis Trebing different is that his career pusuit is going fast. In fact, extremely fast would be more succinct! I had the opportunity to sit down with Dennis one morning this week and his time was limited. He let me know that after finishing his work, he still had to pack and catch a plane. Flying overseas to compete in the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race is something very few persons will ever have a chance to experience. But for Dennis Trebing, it's simply another opportunity on his road to success!

 Image courtesy: Sportscar Info

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What's Happening to Our Dog's Immune Systems


Recently, there has been some disturbing news of a new virus that has killed several dogs in Ohio, one in California and one in Maryland. It was also reported in Michigan, at first claimed to be an unknown virus, it was later to be identified as Circovirus. Unfortunately, not all the dogs that have perished have tested positive for Circovirus, making it even more of a wild card. Researchers are not even sure how it is transmitted, or if normal, healthy dogs carry and shed it through their feces. And, remember, it may not be Circovirus at all. They are, presently, uncertain. But one thing is certain. If left untreated, it can (potentially) kill your pet!


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Glass Slipper Fits at FGCU Basketball


Sometimes it nice to be thought of as an underdog! Especially if you really believe in what you bring to the contest! The FGCU ( Florida Gulf Coast University) Men's Basketball squad are experiencing that sensation now. The War Eagles have achieved a history making 'Cinderella story' status by reaching 2013's NCAA March Madness 'Sweet 16' Tournament as a Number 15 seed! Southwest Florida's FGCU's website is buzzing! Sources say the Athletic website has crashed twice! Phones are ringing and form email inquiries are flooding the Admissions office's inbox. In a period of less than a week, some local school administrators have seen a large part of the free world discover their school, while the world focuses upon the talented team of young men that comprise the FGCU War Eagles. Not only does the glass slipper fit, they wear it well! 

Image Courtesy: FGCU - Ft. Myers

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Manatee Death Toll Rises


Persons who have lived in Florida for a few years have, most likely, seen a manatee. They are plentiful year round. Given the fact that manatees live and dwell in waters that are continuing to diminish in size and cleanliness, some recent rises in manatee mortality can be attributed to that fact. However, with more than 170 deaths so far this year, Florida's manatee population is facing a loss of record numbers! Experts with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute have seen a dramatic rise in the number of manatee deaths related to red tide. This fact has raised concern among other experts around the state. Given the manatee's sensitivity to cold, pollution and other factors, as well as the lengthy gestation period associated with their reproduction, the outlook seems bleak for one of Florida's most beloved and endangered creatures.

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Rudi Too Bad


You may have never heard the name Rudi Dekkers before. However, it is likely that we've yet to hear the last of him! For those unfamiliar with Mr. Dekkers, he is a Dutch National. He has spent a good portion of his life living here in the United States. He is intelligent, multi-lingual, and he is also an author and a pilot. Maybe it's safer to say he was a pilot, as his days flying anywhere are (with near certainty) all done. The problem with Rudi is that trouble just seems to follow him. Although, there are many who say that his trouble was pretty easy to predict.

Rudi Dekkers was a Cape Coral resident. Nowadays, he also has the distinction of being known as an international crime figure.



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Salon Pays Forward Pink Cause


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! That being the case, many charitable organizations are hard at work raising funds for both local and national initiatives. They're not only in search of a cure, but, also, working to provide ready resources for those women who might require assistance! One Cape Coral business woman can attest to the charity's worth in the southwest Florida arena. As both a breast cancer survivor and recipient of assistance from both Susan G. Komen and Lee Memorial Health System's Breast Cancer Services, Susan Murphy has decided to give something back! On the heels of their Second Annual Hair FX Studio Cut-A-Thon to raise money for the organizations, Ms. Murphy is pleased with the event's continued growth!

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Mike Wallace - 1918-2012


Myron "Mike" Wallace was an American journalist, game show host, actor and media personality.

In a career spanning more than 60 years, Mike Wallace interviewed some of the most charismatic and controversial persons and political figures of the 20th century. 

Most persons, however, will best remember Mr. Wallace as one of the original correspondents on the CBS newsmagazine, '60 Minutes', the show from which he finally retired in 2006.

Mike Wallace of '60 Minutes'

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The Florida Manatee


 If you are a fan of the outdoors and also Florida's numerous springs and rivers, you may have seen or encountered a manatee. Manatees, or Sea Cows, as they are often called, can usually be found in Florida's shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, canals, saltwater bays and coastal areas. They are usually prevalent in seagrass beds or where freshwater vegetation flourishes. **Despite having no natural enemies, and a expected life span of 60 years or more, the statewide mortality rate for the manatee is still high. While it is normal that a certain percentage of manatee deaths occur yearly as a result of either cold stress, pneumonia, gastrointestinal or other diseases, the number of additional fatalities are from human-related causes is too high. In spite of the protection afforded the West Indian Manatee by the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of 1978, the number of unnecessary manatee deaths continues to climb.


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Is Your Yard Florida-Friendly?

SWFL NewsAs summer fast approaches, southwest Florida residents know there are certain things they can expect. The first of those is the typical southwest Florida afternoon thundershower. The second of those would be the predictably intense heat of consistent 90 plus degree days. Yet another predictable aspect of summer in southwest Florida is the inevitability of weekly lawn care. Many residents have found that there are ways to significantly lessen the amount of work their own lawns require. The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program is an educational outreach program created by the University of Florida's IFAS Extension service. It was designed to teach Florida homeowners and professionals how to be more environmentally friendly with their landscape care practices and procedures. They have also created a Florida Friendly Lawn certification program for interested persons who are willing to commit their lawns to nine specific principals.

Image Courtesy: University of Florida

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