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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:16 PM EDT
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Dark Matter Ignites

Greatest Cape

I lay in a pool of the universe. The cosmos dance around me in a stellar formation.
In what seems to be eternal darkness, complete silence, and total loneliness.
There are peeks of light, music in the nebulas, and moons to keep you company.

Galaxies welcome you a home. A place to stay on a planet orbiting in its center.
With a warm sun to keep a smile on your face, and constellations that tell you a story.
Shooting stars in an infinite flight, wanting to reach its destination without looking back.

Climbing the dust pillars to get a view of a black hole sucking in old life, to then see the rebirth of anew.
Gliding on the auroras leaving the darkness behind me.
Flying into a radiant supernova that is now me. A bright shining star for everyone to see.

Jen Van Houten

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Should You Believe a 10 Year Old?

Greatest Cape

While we are finding it hard to believe, we know it to be true! Greatest Cape celebrates ten years online in 2017! When we think back over that span of time and reflect on all that we have done, and how much we have grown, even we are pretty astounded! ~ As a a small but dedicated community web presence and BLOG, we have grown our presence to include numerous social channels and groups! It has always been a pleasure to live, work and play in one of Florida's fastest growing communities, and we have so much appreciation and gratitude for the hundreds of businesses and companies that have allowed us to thrive and grow!



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Rules? Who Needs Stinking Rules?

Greatest Cape
®Nestlé is a Registered trademark / All Rights Reserved. 
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2011: Greatest Cape in Review

Greatest Cape

2011 proved to be a very busy year for the city of Cape Coral, but also for Greatest Cape! As a pre-eminent southwest Florida community, Cape Coral faced growing pains, budget shortfalls, planning and zoning issues, as well as elections for several seats on the city's council. While leadership within the ranks of the City Manager's office was called into question, the Economic Development Office also continued to struggle. As the local housing market continued to face the slump of new construction, low to medium priced existing home sales did see some growth. Given the up and down nature of the economy, local unemployment remained high.

Bearing witness to our community's growth, Greatest Cape spent 2011 undergoing changes, too. Facing 2012, Greatest Cape is poised to improve the quality and quantity of everything we offer to our site's members and visitors.




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Top Notch Coffee is Cape Coral's Greatest!

Greatest CapeOn almost any given morning, you can find the proprietors of Top Notch Coffee and Eatery serving up some of Cape Coral's finest coffee along with breakfasts and lunch, too. Those who have yet to stop in and sample their delicious fare are missing a special treat. Dennis and Pepper Hahn are the friendly proprietors of Top Notch and we are certain that they are committed to excellence.

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A Sweetheart of a Deal

Greatest CapeFebruary is the month of Valentine's Day. Most men know the importance of giving their significant other a gift in recognition of the date. Many argue that it is a Hallmark holiday and not worthy of observing. Giving a special gift that reflects the significance of your relationship is a generally accepted notion that shouldn't require a special day. However, ignore the date at the risk of your own peril.

At Greatest Cape, we like the idea of special gifts. So we thought it a good idea to offer one to our customers. If you've been looking for an affordable way to put your business on the web, we think you'll like it !

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Are Business Leaders Embracing Social Media ?

Greatest CapeAccording to eMarketer, a firm that helps companies understand the Internet by publishing Internet market research, statistics and objective analysis, nearly six out of 10 Americans who use social media interact with companies on social media Websites, according to a September 2008 study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for Cone.

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Can't Swing Beijing ? Take Our Online Tour !

Greatest CapeIn keeping with our continuous effort to keep our members up-to-date, we're pleased to present a pretty cool video ! Due to the present recession, many Americans won't be able to take much, if any, of a vacation this summer. And for once there's something ( other than reruns ) worth watching.

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Happy Birthday To Us !

Greatest CapeWe're celebrating this week ! It's our birthday and we're a year older. We're actually a bit older than our June 8th launch date suggests, but we've decided our launch date is the official day we came into public existence. During the course of these past 12 months, so much has happened that we wanted to stop and reflect on some of our growth and accomplishments.

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What's Happening ?

Greatest CapeMost of the snowbirds have all flown (or driven) home. Southwest Florida's seasonal visitors are dwindling in number as we approach the summer months here. Many of us have mixed feelings about this. One one hand, it's a welcome relief to the consistent traffic snarls and protracted waiting periods for dining. On the other hand, a big part of southwest Florida's business has left residents to focus on just how the recession has impacted our local economy.

Just because our tourist season has ended doesn't mean that nothing is happening. In fact, some might argue that this is the best time of the year !

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