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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:04 PM EDT
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March in the Park

Cape Coral Recreation

The 5th Annual March in the Park is an plant and garden art sale put on by The Garden Club of Cape Coral. The event takes place at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral, on Saturday, March 9th from 9:00am until 3:00pm.

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The Importance of Ecotourism

Cape Coral Recreation

According to Wikipedia, Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and usually protected areas, intended as a low impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial tourism.

Because southwest Florida provides nearly innumerable opportunities for both visitors and local residents to experience unique ecosystems, the ethical oversight, preservation of cultural heritage and stewardship of our natural resources is of paramount importance! 

Fortunately, the non-profit organization, Florida SEE, exists and enables our local community with all of this. According to John Kiseda, Florida SEE's Executive Director and a Florida Master Naturalist; "Given the continuous growth of SWFL's ecotourism industry, the need for responsible and professional oversight of this industry can not be overstated".

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Where are they Biting?

Cape Coral Recreation

No matter what season it is in Florida, one thing is a certainty. The fish are biting somewhere! Here in southwest Florida, this is nearly a virtual certainty! Whether they''re redfish, snook, or even tarpon, every season offers our local and visiting anglers great fishing. Be it salt or fresh water, the action is fairly consistent. The key to great fishing here in SWFL is simple..ask a Fishing Captain! The problem is finding one who really knows his stuff and is, shall we say, worth his salt.

Fishing boat

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Cape Coral Recreation

Of the myriad recreational activities southwest Floridians have, few experience the popularity that saltwater fishing enjoys. Whether you're casting from the banks of the local beach, bottom fishing among the artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, or trolling the depths, the relaxation and fun that fishing offers is one of the most affordable and satisfying recreational activities. Most fisherman agree that the thrill is in the catching. Given the importance of preserving these natural resources for future generations, the principle of catching and releasing fish has experienced significant growth, too! In an effort to increase the survival rate of those releases, certain practices should be observed.


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Kayak Adventures

Cape Coral RecreationBeginning in October of each year, the Kayak Outpost at Four Mile Cove / Ecological Park opens their doors for business. While the weather is still a bit cooler, adventurous weekend kayak enthusiasts make their way onto the waters of the Caloosahatchee River. By the month of May, Spring brings warmer waters, thicker underbrush and full-time staff to the Kayak Outpost, but no lack of interest or enthusiasm for a great SWFL adventure that continues to flourish.

Image Courtesy: Conservancy of Southwest Florida
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Speckled Trout Season to Begin

Cape Coral RecreationAs the cooler waters in the Gulf of Mexico greet the New Year, so, too, will the fishing lines of hundreds of patient anglers when the recreational season for the spotted or speckled trout also begins. Waters along the southern portion of the Gulf of Mexico including Lee County are included in the areas that are legal for catching the speckled trout. Florida Wildlife officials had declared the season closed this past November, in an effort to maintain the species numbers.

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Cape Coral Welcomes Sirenia Vista Park

Cape Coral RecreationSituated on the corner of Old Burnt Store Road and Ceitus Parkway is the latest addition to the list of Cape Coral's parks. Sirenia Vista Park is an 8-acre environmental tract that offers recreation seekers a new playground.

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The Spiny Lobster Sport Season

Cape Coral RecreationThough it only spans a few short hours, Florida's 2010 Spiny Lobster Sport (Mini) Season attracts those divers with bug fever! They are all eager to get down among the reefs and cool, blue waters of the Florida Keys in order to tickle out some choice bugs. Of course, we mean lobsters and lots of them, too! Given the dismal season of last year, hopes were high as the clear waters beckoned divers young and old for the start of Mini Season.

Photo Courtesy: Keys News
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Ballroom for Kids?

Cape Coral RecreationThe advent of popular TV talent shows, such as Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have helped put ballroom dancing back in the spotlight. While it is often considered an adult recreational activity, ballroom dancing has proven to have many benefits for children, as well.

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Dennis Trebing: Pursuing Motorsports Excellence

Cape Coral RecreationSpeed. Bright lights in the air. Peripheral Vision blurs. Everything rushes by in a haze, Eyes focus on the road ahead. Twists and turns rush past as screaming engines push speeds upwards of 160 miles per hour. Brake. Gas. Shift up. Shift Down. Accelerate. The feel of the road, mere inches underneath. All of these things are what Cape Coral's Dennis Trebing has experienced in every race he has driven. Success is something else he has experienced and he has an extensive track record at the top of the podium to prove it.

Photo Courtesy: Dennis Trebing

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