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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:06 PM EDT
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What is Cloud Computing?

Cape Coral Web Technology

If you happen to work in a field where technology is part of your daily work responsibilities, then you might be familiar with the term cloud computing. But even if you've never heard the expression before, the strong likelihood is that you are already using the technology in some capacity, whether you know it or not!

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Online Security - Part Three: Online Scams and Predators

Cape Coral Web TechnologyWhen it comes to modern day scams and predatory practices, the internet has become a 21st century playground for that type of activity. Almost everyone who is online has seen them in one form or another. Unfortunately, an amazing number of people have also become the victims of one or more of these scams, and that number grows daily.

With the prevalence of these scams, the most effective defense a person can have is the knowledge of what these scams are, where they can be found and, also, what to do to avoid them.

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Online Security - Part Two: Email and Network Security

Cape Coral Web TechnologyIn the earliest days of the world wide web's existence, realization of the possibilities where privacy invasion and intrusion were concerned attracted many unscrupulous developers. That desire to exploit loopholes and invade open ports spawned a host of virus creation. Thus began the 90's. Spurred by fear, horror stories and an obvious and considerable lack of online security, many older computer users opted to abandon the internet, rather than be 'infected'.

Modern technology has seen the advent of tighter restrictions by corporations and businesses alike, as well as more comprehensive anti-virus software and solutions. While absolutely nothing is foolproof, a healthy dose of preventative measures and anti-virus software are a good solid foundation. The primary concerns for most users are email and wireless connections.

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Online Security - Part One: Best Practices and Safety Measures

Cape Coral Web TechnologyThe concept of internet security is nothing new. Methods for online protection have been around as long as we've been connected. Accordingly, as a field of expertise, internet security has advanced almost as quickly as technology itself. While persons who are newer to the online experience may find the task of protection to be daunting, it doesn't have to be. Implementing some basic security measures into your family's online interaction doesn't have to be difficult and the resulting piece of mind from doing so is certainly priceless.

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Flash is a 'No' for Apple Mobile Technology

Cape Coral Web TechnologyMany web designers and developers alike are familiar with Adobe® Flash animation software. Originally created by Jeremy Allair and the team of developers at the former software developer, Macromedia, Flash (formerly 'Future Splash') was a wonderful scalable vector graphic animation software with an extensible set of drawing tools. Because of it's small bandwidth requirements, Flash® showed real promise for becoming a web standard, as it's files were easily embedded into HTML. Then, it started to evolve into an entire RIA scripting framework based on it's native Actionscript. The growth of the Flash community continued. As it became increasingly implemented, it's potential for abuse also became well-documented. Apple® Computer has decided that due to its proprietary nature, Flash® doesn't fit with their adherence to open standards for mobile computing.

Image courtesy of Apple Computers
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Web 3.0

Cape Coral Web TechnologyIn 1989, the World Wide Web as we know it came into existence. It was always intended it to be an interface for the Internet as well as a way that people could share information with one another. While the expression, 'Web 2.0', may have been a clever marketing term used to describe the new web environment that emerged after the dot com crash of 2000, 'Web 3.0' promises to deliver those rich internet experiences via the semantic web.

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Upgrading to Windows 7

Cape Coral Web TechnologyIf you're upgrading your system from Windows Vista, you should have a smooth ride. There's one caveat: if you're running Windows Vista Home Basic, there's no upgrade path available. You'll need to install the full Windows 7 product.

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Directing Your Business toward Success

Cape Coral Web TechnologyThe modern day business owner faces many challenges. Not of the least of these is the need to effectively advertise and market their products and/or services. But how much is right to budget? Should you work on both outbound and inbound marketing? Are you aware of the differences? In order to be successful, every business owner must differentiate their own business from their competitors.

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Social Marketing - Improving Corporate Image

Cape Coral Web TechnologySocial Media Marketing (SMM) is an important - perhaps even critical - Internet marketing strategy. Time and time again marketers are unsure of how to approach marketing in the social networks or even if they should at all. While the advent of social marketing may be more recent, it is not a fad. One of the most surprizing aspects of businesses looking to expand their brand's exposure is the hesitancy they show in deciding to investigate the clear potential of this newer marketing strategy. For those still, as yet, undecided, we should be clear; The benefits of marketing in this arena are far too numerous to ignore.

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Why We Love Social Media

Cape Coral Web TechnologyThere are many hypotheses as to what explains the public's obsession with social media. There are an equal number of great reasons why social media is so useful to so many of us. As to what it is that compels us to use social media is most likely the fact that it puts each of us in control of the information we consume.

Given the massive amount of information available online, social media allows us to build the relationships we choose but , also, to exclude the ones we don't want.

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