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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 10:05 PM EDT
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Magnesium Deficiency: Common Ailment of the 21st Century?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Vitamins and minerals keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly. As a mineral, Magnesium is actually involved in more than 300 of our body's regulatory processes! That is to say that magnesium is an integral part of a body's ability to synthesize proteins, helps to control our heart's rhythm and helps to maintain healthy nerve function. Because of the involvement of magnesium in so many integral processes within our bodies, it has been called a 'master mineral'. While the US (RDA) Recommended Daily Allowance is 240-420 mg./day, many healthcare professionals and dieticians have speculated that our actual intake of this mineral should be almost twice that amount! While historically, 'Hypomagnesia' or magnesium deficiency over time has been shown to be responsible for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus type 2, as well as high blood pressure and, even, migraines. Because this deficiency is so common, looking at the reasons why becomes necessary.


Magnesium deficiency can adversely affect your energy levels!


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Medical Marijuana: Will Florida be Ready for 2016?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Heading into the November 2014 election, Florida's medical marijuana proponents felt confident that passage of Amendment #2 was almost a foregone conclusion. While the vast majority of the state's population voted for Amendment #2, the 58% majority that it did receive wasn't enough for passage. It seems that during the term of a previous Florida's governor, an amendment that forced legislation to receive at least a 60% majority for passage was adopted. Given the 2014 failure of Amendment #2 in Florida, medical marijuana's biggest supporters have regrouped and are attempting to address issues associated with objections to the legislation's passage. Given the litany of objections to Amendment No.2, and the determination of Florida's medical marijuana supporters, only one question remains. Can new legislation that satisfies opponents regain the necessary support by election time?


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Coconut Oil - Mother Nature's Breast Milk

SWFL Health and Well-Being

If you knew there was an oil you could use for your daily cooking needs that, also, improved your digestion and strengthened your immune system, would you give it a try? Suppose you found out that this same oil helped protect you from heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions, would that influence your decision? What if you discovered that this same oil protected you from infectious illnesses, but also helped you lose excess weight. Would you still be a little skeptical? Most of us have a hard time believing things that sound 'too good to be true', as to be somewhat doubting is human nature. Truth is often stranger than fiction! Well, coconut oil is this genuinely miraculous substance! Not only are the benefits of using coconut oil well-documented, but it's quickly replacing other oils offering fewer health benefits.




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What is Triphala?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

If you are a health food proponent or fan of natural cures and homeopathic remedies, you may already be familiar with triphala. However, this Ayurvedic (traditional medicine in India) is also the most popular herbal formula there. The reason for the popularity of triphala is due to it's natural laxative qualities. What makes it unique it it's dual ability to also protect the body's strength! It is probably best known among vegans and those who maintain a primarily vegetarian diet. More recently, Triphala has gained increasing popularity for a host of additional, less highly touted benefits which it offers.

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The Science of Breath

SWFL Health and Well-Being

One of the five principals of yoga is called Pranayama, or breathing exercise. The word "prana" translates to mean “life force”. Proper breathing deals with the need of our brain and vital organs to receive the oxygen they require. As breathing is the only way to supply our bodies this oxygen, the importance of proper breathing techniques becomes obvious. What may not be so obvious, however, is the fact that Hindu or Vedic philosophy regarding the science of breathing dates back thousands of years. It was first referenced in Upanishads around 400 BC.



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Is Yoga for Men?

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Sivananda Hatha yoga is a traditional style yoga that was created by a man born in India. Swami Sivananda, who practiced gymnastics as a boy, also studied the Vedantas (sacred scriptures) and became a doctor.  Having cured a wandering monk who spiritually influenced him, he then sought his Guru in the 'Land of the Sages', in Rishikesh, India. Having created a Raja-based yoga style (physical and mental control), which includes Karma yoga (unselfish acts), Bhakti yoga (devotional practices), and Jnana (knowledge), he felt compelled to send his beloved disciple Vishnudevananda to the West to spread this teaching. It was in the 1960’s that Vishnu shared his Sri Guru’s yoga and also founded the first Yoga Teachers Training in North America!


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Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs

SWFL Health and Well-Being

The language of YOGA is very straightforward. It can, in fact, be expressed without using words. Yoga is movement! While yoga has been practiced for centuries, it has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its well-known beneficial aspects, as well as the relief yoga provides for many ailments. Practicing yoga has been proven to give children living with autism and spectrum disorders significant relief. More commonly, the practice of yoga has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase balance and strength! Many of the poses and breathing practices associated with yoga give kids a sense of calm, strength, clarity, and, even, improved self-esteem! According to Inga Balciuniene, Owner and Instructor at Cape Coral's Yoga and Massage Studio;


"Practicing yoga improves a person's quality of life. Not surprisingly, yoga's therapeutic effects on autistic and special needs children can be life changing!" 


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5 Irrefutable Reasons Why to Buy Organic

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Having to make choices about the types of food we consume is something that we all face. Increased concern for personal health has fueled interest in organic foods  Organic varieties of many types of produce and grocery items have become available as alternatives to those items produced or grown and sold en mass at most grocery stores. While some consumers have opted to make organic food a vital part of their lives, the vast majority of Americans have yet to do so. Reasons why so many have chosen to avoid organic foods are numerous! One of the most popular arguments against buying organic is the increased cost. Still, others believe that organic foods are not healthier than non-organic. Strangely, the most commonly heard justification people express for not choosing organic is that they just cant see any reason to buy it! The existence of irrefutable proof aside, the benefits are not necessarily visible!



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Exercise: The Staple of Good Health

SWFL Health and Well-Being

Whether it is caused by working late, handling extra responsibility, or simply our regular workload, one unfortunate reality of the modern world is stress. Because nearly everyone faces challenges that can make us feel run down, or even ill, it is important to adopt a lifestyle that allows us to push our limits, without breaking our backs! Most people are aware that exercise is something that can be beneficial to our well-being, but it may be the specifics of exactly how where there is confusion. A respected group of physicians recently published a simple, but definitive report about the benefits of regular physical activity. While none of their findings were an epiphany, their seven facts regarding the clear and unequivocal benefits associated with exercise are undeniable.



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New Year, New You!

SWFL Health and Well-Being

New Year, New You!


Discover Primary and Secondary Foods as well as Your Circle of Life. 

Learn how your primary foods affect your secondary foods all encompassed in your personal circle of life!



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