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Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 04:46 AM EDT

Greatest Cape's SWFL Business Directory Rates

Greatest Cape Business Directory

Greatest Cape Business Directory Rates


Cape Coral & Fort Myers Business Directories are a service provided for Greatest Cape Visitors.
We strive to represent SWFL's best retail, service, recreation, dining and nightlife business !

A Basic Listing ** for most businesses is $360.00 per year. ($35.00 / month) It includes business name, logotype, a brief description of the business, 
address with a linked map, contact phone numbers and also a hyper-link to the business web site. There are additional links to a business'
Facebook® and Twitter® page. All businesses must be licensed and have a fictitious namesake
registration, if not operating under a proper namesake.


An Expanded Directory Listing ** includes all of the Basic Listing features and also a hyper-link to an Expanded Business Directory Listing.
This listing is for businesses that do not presently have a web site. The Expanded Directory Listing is a one-page website which
doesn't require a domain name, hosting or a design charge. Greatest Cape makes it simple for ANY business to have a findable presence on the web.
The price for a Premium Listing is $720.00 per year. ($65.00 / month)


The Online Business Listing ** is available only as a Basic Listing and includes a brief description of the business, which also functions
as linked text where address information would, otherwise, be found. Businesses purchasing this listing can
not operate a physical storefront
. The price of an Online Business Listing is $300.00 per year.($30.00 per month)


Cape Coral or Fort Myers Business Directory listings are designed to help businesses build brand recognition within our local, SWFL marketplace.
At present, our listings are ONLY available to Cape Coral and Fort Myers businesses! 

We welcome the opportunity to help businesses develop
their BRAND IDENTITY in southwest Florida.

Contact Us for Additional Information !

**No listings within our directory are available to businesses who's sites have piggybacked links to additional businesses,
or javascripted pop-ups or pop-unders

*Business Directory Rates are subject to change without notice. *Price Change effective September 1, 2013

Please read our
Terms and Conditions with regard to the Cape Coral Business Directory before contracting with our company.

Thank you for your interest  in Greatest Cape!

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